Vegas Sports App Review


Vegas Sports provides the best and most organized way to keep track of all your bets.  This includes game, series, teams, and even friendly bets with the basic calculating components to follow your winnings.  It is the ultimate app for a serious gambler who has endless spreadsheets and would like to organize their statistics a little better.  Besides; it clearly helps when contacting your bookie for the next successful bet. 

Vegas Sports iPhone app review

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First off; there is a way to set up different accounts for a variety of people so that you can keep track of betting pools as well as your own results.  For those who are not experienced gamblers; the app can be a bit confusing at first.  But, as long as you continue to play with the different features available; you will soon realize how resourceful they can be.  The bottom tool bar gives you a variety of options for your desired benefits.  For instance; the “Events” section allows you to add information regarding placed bets as well as the guidelines for each.  So, if you want to bet on the first half of a game; you are able to add the teams playing, the date and time, and the amount for the bet being made.  This same feature shows current open events that are still waiting for a result notifying you of any updates that may need to be made.  Once the winner has been announced; it is up to you to keep your event updated.  Based on the information being submitted will determine the statistics and performance reviews. 

 Another icon located on the bottom is for “Accounts”.  This is where you can add accounts for different players to keep track of their performance as well.  You can also view the current accounts, what bets have been made, winnings, and the bank account info where the money has been transferred.  Best of all; this page serves as a calculator and informs you of the overall balance between all of the bets that have been placed.  Luckily; when you add different accounts, you can place each one with a specific color dot that represents their profile when looking at the array of open events.  You can click on the dot and pull up information about the individual pertaining to previous bets, previous wins and losses, and amount of funds they’ve supplied.  It’s important to know that you will need to set up an account for anyone that you place your bets with.  This includes casinos, bookies, and personal endeavors.  In order for the app to be successful at monitoring your statistics and funds; then it will need all of the information regarding the events and players.   

Vegas Sports for iPhone

 Lastly, the “Performance” button is an instant calculation of overall wins and losses as well as the profit margin.  This is an easy way to keep updated on winnings especially if there are many bets being made.  For an extreme gambler; there is a good chance that there could be up to 50 open bets in one day.  This app would be perfect to keep track of everything without consuming all of your time. 

The “Settings” button allows you to simplify the features and also enables a change for documenting money currency.  You can bet in Euros, Canadian dollars, or U.S. dollars; whichever you prefer.  It’s pretty convenient for those serious gamblers that place bets nationwide.  The only thing recommended is an option to search updates and scores for current events to keep track of the bets easier.  Regardless; it’s a pretty convenient and organized app for someone who understands and loves Vegas.    

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