Facebender App Review

Facebender is an entertainment app where you can warp, bend, twist, and change any picture that can be uploaded.  The options are vast and with additional updates; there isn’t any doubt that more features will become available.  But, let’s take a minute and dissect the app to really show its capability. 

First of all; when you come to the main homepage, you are given four different options to choose from.  The bottom two choices are signified by a man and woman.  The assumption is that those pictures were automatically uploaded by the developer to give you a chance to practice.  Each one is represented by a certain gender and can be played with until your heart is content.  At the end; you can either save it onto your camera roll and send it to friends, or reset it to play again. 

FaceBender iPhone app review

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The other options include a power button that brings you to the recent photograph that you’ve been warping while the other button that is portrayed by a picture reel allows you to upload your own.  Now, this option seems to be the primary purpose of the entire app.  Even though there are four options available; a suggestion to the developer would be more options to save multiple pictures that you are working on instead of just one.  In the meantime, once you click on the picture reel; you are taken to your device’s camera roll where you can choose a picture to manipulate.  It appears instantly and is automatically set to the option of warping where you can drag your finger across the screen to stretch any part of the picture itself.  This option is identified by the small blue dots that can be seen throughout the entire picture.

There are five buttons on the bottom; each capable of doing different things.  The first one is a picture of a face that allows you to warp and stretch.  The second choice is a circular arrow in a counterclockwise direction that will erase your previous move.  This, of course, makes it very easy to diminish any mistakes or changes without ruining the picture.  The next option is signified by funny glasses and this is where it gets interesting. 

Facebender for iPhone

Once you click on this; you are given choices to add funny features such as a nose, eyes, sunglasses, hair, hats, body jewelry, and even newly themed options for holidays.  There are over 15 different options to enhance with each one represented by pages of design.  The options for each are quite extensive, but as always; it wouldn’t hurt to add more.  Best of all; once a choice is made, it is shown on the picture and you have the options to adjust the size to make it look more realistic as well as a tilting option to match any angle.  Luckily; there are buttons located on the side to either erase what you’ve began or reverse the new feature to match the picture itself.  The developer seems to have thought of every issue in order to make it extremely user friendly. 

The fourth option allows you to move forward and is shaped like an arrow heading in a clockwise direction while the last option is an instant chance to reset the image and try again.  After clicking on the picture icon on the top; you have successfully saved the image and can upload or send to friends.  It’s a fun app that is highly recommended and can easily be entertaining.  Not to mention that your friends will be jealous when they see what you can create!

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