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CES 2014: Fugoo’s Waterproof Speaker Puts Fashion First

Once upon a time, if you wanted a rugged, waterproof tech accessory, it was going to look the part. Oftentimes that would include a bulky form factor and a militaristic look that, needless to say, wasn't everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays we have far greater options when it comes to accessories that are both extremely rugged as well as stylish. The Fugoo waterproof speaker is one of those options.
Fugoo Bluetooth speaker with Tough jacket, about to get run over by a truck!

With the Fugoo Bluetooth speaker, the fact that it's waterproof and fully submersible is standard; you'd never know how durable it was just from looking at it. That is, unless you happened to have it in it’s most rugged of interchangeable "jacket" options, known simply and rather descriptively as the Tough jacket ($229.99). But even though the Fugoo Tough looks like something you could take into battle or run over with a Hummer, that’s not your only option. The Fugoo speaker also has the Style jacket ($199.99), which is a decidedly stylish shell for those who want a more fashionable and glitzy Bluetooth speaker to tote around, as well as a the Sport jacket ($229.99), which in terms of appearances, falls somewhere between the elegant Style and the shock-proof Tough.

Fugoo speaker with Style jacket
Fugoo speaker with Sport jacket

The Fugoo speaker was a winner of the iPhone Life Best of CES award last week in Las Vegas. Of all the waterproof Bluetooth speakers I've come across (and it seems like there’s a new one popping up every month) this speaker offers consumers the most options when it comes to external appearances. I love that its rugged design comes standard, and the option to attach the jacket of your choosing is sweet icing on the cake. So whether you are a big-city fashionista, a river raft tour guide, or something in between, Fugoo’s got you covered.

As if its exemplary design and durability weren't enough, the Fugoo speaker also belts out absolutely amazing sound, with multi-directional drivers on all four sides and large, passive bass radiators for an immersive 360-degree, full-spectrum audio experience that creates a sound that is worthy of a speaker twice the size.

Whatever your style preference, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that will provide you with years of high-quality acoustics, has a built-in speakerphone feature, and is able to withstand all kinds of unforseeable (or forseeable!) hardships, then the Fugoo may be the perfect choice for you.

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