Review: Avanti C USB-C Headphones from Moshi

Moshi makes some of the most inspired accessories for Apple equipment. The company sent a review unit of the Avanti C USB Type-C Headphones ($199.95) and it is somehow futuristic and retro at the same time. Just looking at the headphones reminds me of an aviator from the 1950s or even the headphones I used as an aspiring DJ in the 1970s and 1980s. While even more expensive headphones rely on plastic these days, the Avanti headphones use stainless steel for the headband and adjustment knobs that help you find the right fit. They pair the steel with leatherette to protect your head and hair and ears. 


You don't have to settle for basic black, although that is an option. Moshi also offers the headphones with the leatherette components in either burgundy or caramel. The earcups don't hang vertically; they are angled at 14 degrees for an ergonomic fit, which I like. I usually prefer over ear headphones to on ear, as it puts less pressure on the ears, but these work because of the ergonomics and adjustability of the earcups. These particular headphones are meant for USB-C enabled devices, like Android devices or a MacBook or the newer iPad Pro tablets, so you get great sound as it is a 100 percent digital connection. However, that also means that you need two cable connections, one for each of the earcups since the stainless steel headband has no hidden wire to transmit to the other earpiece. 


The included USB-C cable has a built-in microphone and music controls. You can even access Siri or Google Assistant depending on the device you're connected to. Moshi does sell a Lightning version that supports older iPads and iPhones as well as a mobile version that has a traditional cable for 3.5-inch headphone connections, but you give up the digital capabilities, so pay attention when ordering. That mobile cable is also included in the USB-C and Lightning packages.

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  • Retro inspirations like stainless steel headband and adjustable earcups
  • Comfortable leatherette padding and earcups
  • Available in black, burgundy, or caramel
  • Ergonomic angled design
  • 100 percent digital connection via USB-C
  • Microphone and Siri support


  • Requires specialized cable with wires leading to each earcup
  • Not wireless

Final Verdict

 If you want a high-quality, 100 percent digital connection from your USB-C devices, the Avanti C USB Type-C Headphones from Moshi is a stylish option.

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