Review of iMapMyRide as a bicycle computer for the iPhone

There seems to be a pattern here, I cannot seem to get enough GPS loggers. 

This is the 5th GPS logger I’ve checked out, and with one exception, which I will cover in a second, I’m not really seeing anything significantly new here.

iMapMyRide is a free GPS logger with a companion web site like TrailGuru or Path Tracker. Like these apps, the application takes GPS samples and logs them on the iPhone.  After the ride (or run) you can upload these points to a website which will map the information as well as calculate speed and elevation change. They also have a calorie calculator like Fitnio.

A must have for any program in this space is the ability to remove points and I have yet to see a site that does this well.  IMapMyRide does not do it all yet (although they say its coming). As you can see in this screenshot, it’s needed.  When I clicked on ‘view route’ it did not come up the first time and clicking on ‘view your training’ gives a not loaded URL error.

New is the idea of gaining points as you log more rides. “perivision, you have 10 MapMyPoints. These are incentive points that will be redeemable for gift cards, partner discounts, and much more for our Premium Users.”

This site is still young, a few bugs here and there, but personally I do not care for it all that much.  Too many adverts.  I do not mind a few ads here and there, but too many gets in the way.  Also, the calorie calculator did not work. Odd. It asks me for the ‘Time Taken’.  How should I know?  That should be prefilled.

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