App Review - Infinity Control for iPhone

Here is a quick glance on Infinity Control, a very interesting albeit repetitive line-drawing game. The game is set in space and has you controlling ship movements as you maneuver these space vessels around obstacles and space waste. You must guide them to landing spots on larger ships and keep them away from crashing to get higher scores.

The game also has different-colored ships – red and blue from what I’ve seen so far – and they must be guided to their own respective landing pods on their color’s mother ships. There are satellites that orbit around in space and you must guide the ships around them in order to avoid crashes. Asteroids also exist and you will be line-drawing the movement of ships around them as well.

Infinity COntrol iPhone app

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The game is set in deep space and has a very sci-fi theme. The ship aesthetics look similar to almost Star Trek or a game like StarCraft. The missions don’t get too varied and the game can get a bit repetitive. There are three worlds to discover, however, for a nice change of pace. There also aren’t any weapons available guns to take out any obstacles or enemies with -- which would be a nice addition to the game.

The game has a very arcade feel to it and offers a fun blend of multitasking and line-drawing gameplay elements. The sci-fi feel also helps to draw the player into the gameplay. The game should provide some fun, especially those new to the genre, and offer a nice challenge. Apart from the similarity in the gameplay of Flight Control, the game was interesting with its well made design and sound effects.

Infinity Control is available on the app store for $0.99

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