All the New Emojis for iOS 17.4

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Every time Apple gives us new emojis, it is almost as good as a birthday party. With iOS 17.4, we've received a few new and fun emojis that you can exchange with your friends and family. Let's take a look at the new iOS 17.4 emojis!

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New iOS 17 Emojis

System Requirements

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Image Emojis

The first four new emojis of the iOS 17.4 update are quite random. We've gotten a phoenix, a lime, a brown mushroom, and a broken chain. I can see the lime being particularly useful when asking my best friends if they want to get margaritas, and the broken chain could be used to emphasize my feelings of freedom after being released from work!

new emojis

Family Emojis

The next set of new Apple emojis is pretty utilitarian. We've got four different kinds of families that also appear to be gender-neutral. You might use this as the family group chat emoji, or in your bio on Facebook.

new iphone emojis

Shaking Head Emojis

These next emojis are a pair that I can't believe Apple didn't already have! These are the shaking head emojis. One shakes its head back and forth, and the other nods its head up and down. You would use these to answer yes or no in a non-verbal (or textual) way.

what are the new emojis

Right-Facing Emojis

Lastly, Apple has added right-facing people emojis. Before all of these emojis existed, they just faced to the left. Now, you have both.

new emoji

Be aware that just like all the other people emojis, you can customize the skin tone, too! All you have to do is tap and hold on the emoji, then select the skin tone you'd like to use.

change emoji skin tone

And those are all the new emojis of iOS 17.4! If you're not sure how to find the new emojis, learn how to search emojis on your iPhone. Is there an emoji you'd love to have, but don't? In that case, you can easily create an emoji from a photo on your iPhone. 

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