iPad App Review - Skillz for iPad

Skillz has become one of the newest addictive games on the market.  The concept matches many other popular music games that test your rhythm, tap speed, and ability to rock the turn tables.  It’s similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but much more difficult which makes it appealing. 

To start, the original page that appears is nicely done.  The graphics are one of the best with a breathing technique used to match the beat of a song.  The background is a graffiti covered brick wall with a record holding the name Skillz in an electrifying design.  Automatically you are taken to the main menu with many different options to choose from.  The first suggestion would be to go through the tutorial because in the beginning; it can be confusing without it.  If you think it’s as simple as some of the other infamous music games, you are wrong. 

Skillz for iPad review

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The tutorial explains the game perfectly.  Turn tables are brought to the screen with a DJ as your guide to the right.  As much as the screen looks similar to a guitar staff, there are turn tables to the sides that can’t be forgotten about.  The basics are covered and include your turn tables, left and right decks, and a cross fader.  The idea is to learn what each arrow, square, and colorful dot indicate so that you are able to hit the function correctly and at the right time.  The tutorial allows you to practice to insure that you understand the rules and can rock the stage!

At this point, you are brought back to the menu with the array of options on records to choose from.  You can either begin playing under Custom Play or in Career Mode.  Custom Play allows you to begin playing right away for additional practice before you begin your career.  You have five different venues to choose from and each one gives you an excerpt of what the stage represents.  This ranges from a local block party to a futuristic laboratory where you’ll be DJing for the top secret.  Once you select the venue, can choose the order of four different songs provided with the option of hearing them first.  Next, you can select the difficulty and begin your show!

The same options are provided when you select the Career Mode, but of course this keeps a status on your productivity as a DJ whereas Custom Play just allows you to practice.  Under the options record located on the main menu, you can choose your avatar between two available DJs with the option of downloading more.  However, this isn’t possible until you develop a certain number of points to unlock the remaining characters. 

Skillz for iPad

This can also be found under the record labeled “Downloads” along with the option of downloading more music for an additional fee.  One suggestion would be to allow users to download more characters for an extra fee instead of just waiting until the points are established.  Regardless, the additional choices are always welcome especially when playing a game like this.

And, of course, for those who enjoy battling against other friends; make sure to set up an OpenFeint account to compare your progress with millions.  The fact is that this game is a new version of Guitar Hero, but with more of a challenge.  Just remember; similar to real DJs, both hands will need to be used.  The only way to truly be effective is to learn how to play the turn tables to appease the crowd.  At the end, you’ll be able to see your note streak, percentage of perfection, and best of all; how much everyone enjoyed the show.  You’ll never want to put this down!

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