My Favorite iPhone Camping Apps

With the onset of summer in North America, many people across the continental United States will be gearing up for an active camping season. While sentimental notions of camping "off the grid" persist, most modern camping enthusiasts leverage the latest in portable electronic assistance. This can be in the form of mapping, taking photos, and even watching movies by the glow of the campfire. The iPhone can perform all these functions and more. In fact, thanks to the vibrant developer community many of whom are also outdoor enthusiasts, a wide variety of camping and other outdoor related activity applications are available for the iPhone. This article reviews some of the most notable selections available today.

Enhance your experience

These are just some of the apps available for outdoor enthusiasts. Using them, campers and hikers can enhance their experiences and reduce stress in the face of unexpected situations. Check out my companion article on page 59 covering some favorite active accessories designed to help keep your iPhone pertinent, powered and protected throughout your camping adventures!

Locate campsites, create checklists, tie knots, survive in the wilderness
Summer 2010
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