Review: Stay in The Loop with NearMinder

Lets be honest, we tend to miss out on a lot of great events that happen close to us. I for one, don't seem to hear about the great concert that took place in the local park until days later. If you're like me, you also forget to use your loyalty or reward cards in your favorite stores. Whoever thought there would be an app that put these two reminders together? Not me. There is, however, a great app call NearMinder, which allows you to never miss out on events and activities around you. It also gives you a reminder to use your card when you're in a store you like. 


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One of the great features of the app is the subtle notification capability. Simple type in the text you want to be reminded of, add it to a name or category and the next time you're in Target your loyalty card reminder will pop up on your device. You can even set yourself the reminder for when you're in Walmart so you don't forget the eggs. It's even better if you have an Apple Watch, since NearMinder notifications will also be pushed to your wrist. If it's a concert or an exhibit you're after locally, then NearMinder will give you information of what's going on in your location. NearMinder has teamed up with Meetup to make it easy for you to link up with people or groups nearby that share your interest. Whether that's music or books, there will be a group out there to hit up. 

The app couldn't be any simpler to use. You have five tabs to choose from, NearMinders, Places, Events, Meetup, and POI. All the tabs speak for themselves. NearMinders is where you create reminders that will appear when you visit a location, Places and Events is where you will find what's going on around you. The Meetup tab is where you will find the local Meetup groups and the POI tab lists places you might be interested in.

Having two kids I am forced to find something to do during the weekends. With NearMinder I can easily find places to explore with the little ones close to home. Yelp star rating and other information is displayed so you can get a full review of the place you're interested in.


  • Useful and easy to use
  • Good list of events and points of interest
  • Pinpoint location


  • The continued used of GPS in the background drains the device battery

Final Verdict

NearMinder is absolutely free to download and has no in-app purchases. If you're looking for something to do this weekend, download NearMinder and look for an event or something fun to do with or without the little ones.

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