Review: SINE On-Ear Headphones Are Compatible with Lightning and Headphone Jack

Apple threw headphone makers a curveball by removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. While Apple still ships some iOS products with a headphone jack and others with just Lightning, any headphone make that wants to provide a headphone that works with both has a dilemma. Audeze has come up with the SINE On-Ear Headphone ($449), an interesting high-end set of headphones that plays nice with Lightning for digital audio and the traditional analog audio jack.

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The SINE On-Ear Headphone lets you plug in a cable with a Lightning connector on one end and the cable splits into a left and right channel that plugs in to each earcup. Or you can use the analog audio jack cable that works similarly. Both have in-line controls for pause/play and volume.

Physically, the SINE uses heavy-duty materials and construction, but the headphones themselves aren't that heavy. In fact, they are quite comfortable thanks to asymmetrical swiveling leather earcups. On top of this, Audeze has a clever equalizer app that you are prompted to install when plugging in the Lightning connector. The equalizer lets you adjust all frequencies of the audio signal and you can save presets for classical music versus rock, for example.



  • Heavy-duty materials and construction
  • Comfortable swiveling earcups
  • Dual-mode: Lightning or audio jack
  • Inline controls
  • Clever equalizer app


  • Expensive
  • Cable connects to left and right ear cups

Final Verdict

The SINE headphone from Audeze is a high-end set of headphones that has a thoughtful approach to using both a Lightning port and audio jack.

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