Notifications Get a Makeover in iOS 16

Live Activities will help you stay on top of your notifications from your Lock Screen.

At the WWDC keynote on June 6, Apple announced revamped notifications for iOS 16 that will make it possible to see more information in your notifications without having to unlock your iPhone. Users have been grousing about the utility of notifications on the iPhone lagging behind that offered by certain Android phones, and Apple heard those concerns loud and clear.

The big news of the day is Live Activities: notifications that include things like score updates for the big game, a visual tracker for that rideshare you're waiting on, and more. This will let you stay on top of important notifications right from the Lock Screen, without having to navigate to an app to see your updates.

Notifications will now roll in from the bottom of the Lock screen rather than the top, saving room for those new customization options for the Lock screen also announced for iOS 16. Live Activities will also allow you to expand Now Playing to full-screen right from the Lock screen, so you can see full album art and expanded controls.

Read more about what you an do with your Notifications Center.

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