How to Fine-Tune iPhone Notifications on Lock Screen

iPhone notifications and alerts can be really helpful, or they can be disruptive; luckily there's a way to change the way we receive Lock Screen notifications on iPhone, so we're not overwhelmed. With previous operating systems we'd have to go into the Settings app to change email, app, and iMessage notifications, but with iOS 12 on iPhone, a Lock Screen notification is easy to customize without entering Settings. Apple calls this process Fine Tuning; let's get started learning how to Fine Tune your iPhone notifications without leaving the Lock Screen. 

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You can access the Notification Center by swiping down from the center of your iPhone's display. Once you're in the Notification Center:

  • Choose the Notification you'd like to manage; slowly swipe it to the left.
  • A menu will appear; tap Manage.

ios 12 notificationsnotification center

  • If you'd still like to receive notifications from this source, but without sound, tap Deliver Quietly. If you want to stop receiving notifications from this source, tap Turn Off.
  • If you want even more options, tap Settings.

iphone notification soundnotification settings

From here you can make lots of specific alterations to the way you get notifications from this source. You can:

  • Choose where the alert will appear under Alerts.
  • Toggle on or off Sounds and Badges.

iphone lock screen notificationios 12 lock screen

  • Decide which Banner Style you'd like; Temporary or Persistent.

notifications ios 12lock screen ios 12

  • Decide when you'd like notification previews to be shown under Options.
  • Also under Options, decide how you'd like this type of notification to be grouped.

iphone notificationsiphone notification center

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