How to Track a Shipment with Apple Wallet & Have It Actually Work (iOS 16)

Can Apple track a package for you using the Wallet app? Allegedly, though as of this writing the feature is spotty at best. Apple did add tracking to the Wallet app in iOS 16, but only with partner services. Here's how to track orders in the Wallet app and what to do if it isn't showing up.

What to Know:

  • iOS 16 allows you to track a shipment with Apple Wallet, but it doesn't always work.
  • If it has worked, you'll be able to see it in your Apple Wallet right away by tapping the package tracking icon.
  • Only a limited number of partners have currently added support for this.

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How to Track a Shipment with Apple Wallet

With iOS 16, a new order you placed should automatically appear in your Apple Wallet when you use Apple Pay (Apple should be adding other partners you can use to pay, but we haven't found any that reliably work yet). However, as I've tested this, I've found orders showing up very inconsistently with no obvious rhyme or reason. Make sure to update your phone to iOS 16 before trying to below steps, and sign up for the Tip of the Day newsletter for more helpful iPhone tips. Here's how to view Apple tracking in your Wallet app.

  1. Open your Wallet app by tapping the icon on the screen. The shortcut of double tapping your side button will not work for this.

  2. Tap the Orders icon at the top right of the screen, just to the left of the add button.

  3. Here, you will see all orders that your Wallet is tracking. Tap on an order to manage it.

  4. Once you've tapped on an order, you'll be able to see its status, cost, order number, and where you ordered it from.

  5. Tap the menu icon up top to mark it as complete, pause updates, mute notifications, or delete the order (this will not cancel your order; it only removes it from your Apple Wallet).

  6. Once you've marked an order as complete, you'll see it listed under the year below your current open orders.

Why Is Tracking Not Showing Up In my Apple Wallet?

If your order is not showing up in your Apple Wallet, it could be for several reasons. You might have used a card that is not linked to your Apple Wallet, or paid with a system that is not currently linked to the Wallet app, such as Amazon or PayPal. However, the feature is finicky right now, and when I repeated the exact same steps from the exact same store as I did last week, for some reason this time, the order didn't show up while my last order is still visible. As always, with bugs like this, I recommend making sure your iOS is up to date. Next, learn the best Apple Wallet shortcut to open your Wallet instantly.

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