Master Your iPhone's Fundamentals with Our Exclusive Course

How often do you find yourself frustrated with your iPhone or with understanding complicated printed instructions for features that should be easily accessible? If you want to learn iOS 13 and put an end to your frustration, then our upcoming course, Mastering iOS 13, is something you'll want to check out. With three instructors and only 35 students, you're bound to get answers to your burning questions. Read on to find out how you can join this exclusive course.

Apple makes great products, but not great instructions. Here at iPhone Life, we're committed to learning how to flawlessly operate the iPhone and pass that knowledge on to you. Our multi-lesson courses are one more way we're bringing what we've learned to you so that you can skip the frustrations that come with the iPhone.

Want to know more? Here’s how the Mastering iOS 13 course works:
1. Attend our weekly live online classes (The first session begins Wednesday, September 18 at 3 P.M. CT. Replays will be available if you can’t make the live class.).
2. We’ll guide you step by step through the iOS 13 fundamentals, plus all the hidden tips, tricks, and features to make your life easier.
3. Use your iPhone Life Insider discount to access all our amazing guides, videos, and exclusive content to help you master the iPhone.

It's just that simple! This course has limited slots, so sign up today for exclusive access to our instructors and the incredible materials included in this course. Get ready for answers to questions like how to integrate the Reminders app with Messages, how to block unknown callers, how to adjust the new features in Settings, and much more. Bring your questions as well, and get the answers you've been waiting for on all the frustrating features Apple included but didn't explain.

Sign up today for exclusive access and join us on September 18 for our next live course, Mastering iOS 13.


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