Make Sure Your AirPods Never Fall Out or Get Lost with EARBUDi

Got Apple’s AirPods? Then you know the worry of having one fall out. Sounds like you need a simple yet ingenious solution. Introducing EARBUDi FLEX ($9.99): snap-on wings for your AirPods that will keep them secure and allow you to enjoy your music. Apple’s AirPods provide premium sound, but they aren’t designed for going all-out at the gym or on the trails. That’s why EARBUDi is a must. With a flexible design, EARBUDI can bend to the shape of your ear, guaranteeing your AirPods will never fall out.

EARBUDi snaps on and off of your AirPods with ease. Once attached, hook the flexible and bendable ear loops around your ear. You can shape and shift each to create the perfect fit. The ear loops are made of soft rubber, providing a “forget it’s there” feel, even when wearing eye glasses.

No more constantly stopping in the middle of a workout to adjust your AirPods. With EARBUDi, your AirPods will never fall out, providing a frustration-free workout while also preventing your AirPods from getting lost or damaged. EARBUDi just works. You’ll be able to focus on whatever you’re doing, whether that be sports, weightlifting, or rock climbing.

This particular set is made specifically for Apple’s Wireless AirPods, but GOBUDi makes other EARBUDi products that will do the same job for the wired earbuds Apple includes with all new iOS devices. You can get EARBUDi FLEX for AirPods in either white or black to suit your preference. Plus, GOBUDi offers a full 1-year money-back guarantee. If you have any issues, GOBUDi will provide a replacement or a no-questions-asked refund. That’s pretty incredible for a product that’s already low budget.

With EARBUDi, your AirPods are ready for whatever rigorous, high-impact activity you have to do. Turn your AirPods into a sports headset instantly just by snapping EARBUDi on. Let’s review all the features real quick:

  • Clips directly to your AirPods
  • Keeps AirPods firmly in place
  • Great for sports & exercise
  • Ultra-comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable and bendable for an optimal fit

Adjustable, bendable, and ultra comfortable—get your own pair of EARBUDi for under ten dollars today!

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