Apple's Keynote Event is Tomorrow! Here's Everything We Expect from the iPhone 7 (Rumors)

Apple will debut the iPhone 7 tomorrow! Yet rumors for the new device are still swirling. Now that we know Apple will hold its keynote event on September 7, everyone is patiently waiting to see the final verdict of what Apple has changed, what's new, and what's been taken away. The latest iPhone 7 rumors suggest we’ll see the iPhone 7 in stores on September 16 with pre-orders starting September 9. We’ll talk about what else to expect tomorrow from the iPhone 7’s camera, headphone jack, and more. We’ll discuss whether or not Apple will finally ditch the 16GB base model iPhone along with all of the other most recent iPhone 7 rumors from across the web. Here's a roundup of all the iPhone 7 rumors we’ve seen in order of how likely it is they’ll come to fruition.

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We’re going to break down the top iPhone 7 rumors in order of probability. The higher up on our list, the more we expect it will be included in the upcoming iPhone 7. At the end, we’ll cover when the iPhone is going to be released and how much we expect it to cost. Here’s our categories:

The We’ll-Be-Shocked-If-It-Doesn’t-Happen Rumors

The It’s-Anybody’s-Guess Rumors

The Better-Luck-Next-Time Rumors

When Will the iPhone 7 Come Out & How Much Will It Cost Me?

The We’ll-Be-Shocked-If-It-Doesn’t-Happen Rumors

Redesigned Antenna Bands

We've seen various leaks of iPhone 7 prototypes that show the redesigned antenna bands running along the back of the iPhone. Whether or not these photos are fakes or the real deal can't be said, but the rumor has been consistent enough that I’d bet on it. The image below shows what the redesigned bands will probably look like. 

iPhone 7 Rumors: What will the antenna bands look like

Dual-lens Camera for iPhone 7 Plus 

Apple is rumored to be giving the iPhone 7 Plus a dual-lens camera setup. This would be big. The quality of the photos would approach that of photos taken with a DSLR camera. In addition, the dual lens would allow for optical zoom and would give better performance in low-light conditions. Plus, the photos will be clearer and brighter, with less noise and more accurate color. It's expected that only the iPhone 7 Plus will have this dual-lens camera, but other rumors suggest that all models of the iPhone 7 could include such a feature. We'll just have to wait and see. 

No Headphone Jack

Easily the most controversial iPhone 7 rumor, Apple is apparently planning to drop the headphone jack on the next iPhone. This would have many advantages, most notably allowing the phone to be thinner. For those who prefer a wired connection, Apple will likely offer an adapter that would allow the Lightning port to be used. This is another rumor that’s been so persistent it’s hard not to expect that it will happen.

A Second Speaker for Stereo Sound
A number of rumors and leaked photos are suggesting that another reason for cutting the headphone jack is to make room for the addition of a second speaker. The iPhone 7 would therefore be the first iPhone to offer stereo sound. Given that the headphone jack is dissapearing, I think this rumor is pretty solid too. 



Will the iPhone 7 Be Waterproof?

When the iPhone 6s came out, people quickly started discovering that Apple has secretly made it water resistant. Those who took the iPhone 6s apart even realized Apple had sealed lots of the components. Plus, Samsung’s newest Galaxy s7 is water resistant. If Apple can make the iPhone 7 waterproof up to six feet, it would be pretty epic. Will it happen? Almost—I expect the iPhone 7 to be certified water resistant but probably not waterproof. 

Will the iPhone 7 have 3D Touch?

iOS 10 incorporates quite a few new 3D Touch features, which I don’t think Apple would be giving attention to unless it planned to continue including 3D Touch in its new releases, which means in all likelyhood the iPhone 7 will include 3D Touch. 

Storage Options

Will Apple finally drop the 16GB base model in favor of the far-more-reasonable 32GB base model? Gee, I sure hope so. This has been on our rumor lists time and time again. However, the rumor mill seems rather convinced this time around. There’s also speculation that Apple will add a 265GB option available for the iPhone 7 Plus, which means you could get a 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB iPhone 7.

Lightning Port EarPods

Without the headphone jack, we’ll need other options. Many have speculated that the iPhone 7 will ship with EarPods that will connect to the Lightning port.

When Apple drops the headphone jack, it will have to include a different pair of earbuds with the iPhone 7. Similar to the EarPods that currently come with any iPhone, the included lightning port earbuds will be the bare-minimum in acceptable sound and hardware quality. It's also possible that Apple will include a pair of Bluetooth earbuds instead of EarPods that connect to the lightning port. Again, we'll have to wait and see. 

The It’s-Anybody’s-Guess Rumors

No-Press Flat Home Button

This rumor was previously located in the Better-Luck-Next-Time category because of the risk factor involved in saying goodbye to the Home button. The idea is that you would be able to use Force Touch, like what is used on Apple Watch, in order to press into the faux button or screen, which would send a haptic feedback signal so you know you actually clicked something. Of course, Touch ID has to go into this mix as well. It’s a lot to accomplish and make work perfectly, which is why I originally reported that I'd be shocked to see this feature on the iPhone 7. However rumors for a haptic feedback Home button have grown since the orginal posting of our iPhone 7 rumors. Some bloggers seemed absolutely convinced this feature will show itself, meanwhile others remain skeptical, which leads me to include it as the first rumor in our it's-anybody's-guess category.

Longer Battery Life

Easily the most requested feature from iPhone users—we need longer battery life! Our mini pocket computers still die far too soon. If Apple can amp up the battery life, I bet some would upgrade for that feature alone. Fingers-crossed.

Thinner Design

I started to put this in the i'd-be-shocked-if-it-didn't-happen rumors category, but the iPhone 6s was actually a little thicker than the iPhone 6. If the headphone jack is indeed dropped, it's completely possible Apple will use that opportunity to make the iPhone 7 thinner. Personally, I’d prefer a longer battery life and thicker phone. 

iPhone 7 Pro?!

Another big, and seemingly false, rumor is that there will be three models of the iPhone 7: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple rebranded its Plus model as a Pro model but don’t expect a third model. Then again, the image below (found on suggests otherwise. With conflicting rumors, this one is anybody’s guess.

The Better-Luck-Next-Time Rumors

Wireless Charging

This is an area where the iPhone is definitely behind. Do I think we’ll get wireless charging with the iPhone 7? No; try again in 2017 for the ten year anniversary of the iPhone. Do I think Apple should include wireless charging in the iPhone 7? Yes! Samsung has been doing this.

What about Smart Connectors?

Some rumors, specifically from Mac Otakara, suggest that the Smart Connectors will be included on the iPhone 7 Plus. Meanwhile leaked images have shown Smart Connectors on the back of the iPhone 7 Pro. While it would be pretty cool, I don’t see Apple doing this so soon after debuting its iPad Pro models. But I could be wrong.

Edge-to-Edge Screen

Apple will most likely stay with the display sizes first introduced with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus in 2014. However, there has been a rumor that the display would be edge-to-edge. While I love the idea of utilizing the real estate of the iPhone’s surface, it would make for a major redesign. And we’re not expecting any major changes on that front until next year when Apple is celebrating 10 years of the iPhone.

New Color: Space Black or Blue

I would love to see either of these color options, and I nearly moved this rumor up the list because of how consistent the rumor has become. I would love to see a blue iPhone, so while I'm leaving this in the better-luck-next-time category, I'm also crossing my fingers hoping I'm wrong. 

When Will the iPhone 7 Come Out & How Much Will It Cost Me?


One can speculate that Apple will follow its usual practice of introducing the new models at the same price as the previous year's models. Currently Apple is selling the base model iPhone 6s at $649 to buy it outright, while the iPhone 6s Plus base model runs for $749. It's unlikely the company would make the iPhone 7 cost higher, given that lower-cost Android phones are available. And it seems unlikely it would introduce the phones at a lower price, since that's just not the Apple way.

iPhone 7 Release

Evan Blass recently stated that the iPhone 7 would release in stores on September 16. He sent out a follow-up tweet stating that pre-orders will begin on September 9. Considering the iPhone 7 debut date is officially schedule for September 7, Blass' predictions seem to be right on the money. Apple will host its keynote event tomorrow morning where it will debut the iPhone 7 and possibly the Apple Watch 2. If you have an Apple TV, Apple device, or PC check out how to watch the event. Then after it's over, visit to see our full coverage roundups and check out our special edition podcast covering the event. 

Are you planning to buy the iPhone 7?

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