Featured iUser: How Magician & Clown Brandon Baglivo Uses His iPhone

In every issue of iPhone Life magazine, we feature the iPhone Home screens of people from different walks of life, so our readers can see how they use iPhone apps to meet a variety of needs. In our Spring 2019 issue, we featured magician and clown Brandon Baglivo, who uses his iPhone for researching magic tricks, planning publicity, and even setting up family activities. If you have a story and apps you'd like to share, email me and we may feature you in an upcoming issue of the magazine!

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Brandon Baglivo

Brandon, otherwise known as KooKoo the Cartoon Magician, is the owner and operator of a thriving entertainment business that brings excitement and laughter to people of all ages, especially children. You can learn more by visiting his Facebook page

Layout from Instagram (Free)

When there is no time to upload and edit photos on my computer, this app is a great option to compile and collage different images.

Nick (Free)

A great app to keep my son occupied with games and video clips. I myself have been known to play these games (we mostly stick to the SpongeBob Square pants category).

Johnny Magic Soundboard (Free)

This is an app that I use to provide background music, sound effects, as well as intro and exit music, all at the push of a button.

Go Button (Free, Pro License $99.99)

I am still experimenting with this sound-cueing app and am in the progress of working it into my shows that need complicated customized sound effects.

Magic Spider ($2.99)

This is an example of an app that is an interactive magic trick. Without giving too much away, it is a fun way to use a phone as a magical object in a real-world scenario. It involves (as the title suggests) a spider and is extra fun around Halloween!

The Wonder Weeks ($3.99)

This is an app that I turn to occasionally to see how its reports and projections correspond to the behavior and development of my baby daughter.

Enlight Pixaloop (Free, $3.99 Unlimited Access)

I use this app for the sole purpose of bringing life to photos. It can do everything from animating fire and smoke elements to adding a foreground filter to create the effect of rain or snowfall.
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