Earin Makes Wireless Look Easy With its Gorgeous M2 Earbuds

Earin’s motto for its wireless earbuds is, “No cables. No wires. No distractions.” And that’s exactly what the company delivers. After the success of Earin’s first line of earbuds, the M-1, it’s stepping up the wireless earbud game yet again with the recently announced M-2 earbuds. The already sleek design of the M-1 gets an upgrade into complete elegance. With a touch interface on the tip, Earin M-2 earbuds are designed to create a seamless user experience—you can answer calls, play and pause music, skip songs, and more with a just couple taps of your finger.

As with the previous model, the M-2 earbuds include a carrying case that also acts as a charging case. The fully charged M-2 earbuds provide three hours of playback, but with the magnetic docking capsule you’ll get a full twelve hours of music. Earin’s M-2 earbuds are the smallest and most lightweight earbuds on the market; they’re also designed to stay comfortably in your ear, which means you can go about your day without worrying that they’ll fall out.

The magic of the M-2 earbuds, however, is in the proprietary technology Earin developed to offer the most stable connection and clearest sound of any wireless earbuds to date. "Our top-notch team of audio, electronic, mechanical, and software engineers worked hand-in-hand with our in-house product and antenna designers to create a fashionable 'ear'gonomic design and technology that addresses both wireless stability and audio quality,” said Kiril Trajkovski, co-founder and President of Earin in a recent press release for the M-2 earbuds.

The unique shape of the M-2 earbuds lends to its crisp sound quality by “catching the sound” in your ears and isolating it from the outside world. The touch interface makes it easy to control your music and phone calls without feeling around for buttons. You could be biking down the street, receive a call on your Apple Watch, answer it with your Earin M-2 wireless earbuds, and continue biking down the street without missing a beat.

The fashion-forward Scandinavian design of the M-2 earbuds will make them look as good as they feel and sound. Taking everything learned from the production of Earin’s M-1 earbuds, the company has jumped leaps and bounds to improve upon an already awesome product. The M-2 True Wireless earbuds combine cutting-edge technology and increased functionality for the best wireless experience on the market today.

iPhone Life's Editor-in-Chief, Donna Cleveland met with the folks from Earin at CES 2017 for an exclusive interview on the upcoming M-2 earbuds. See Earin's M-2 earbuds up close as they explain what makes the M-2 better than the M-1 and how you can get the latest news on the M-2 earbuds' release. Check it out below.



Earin’s M-2 earbuds will be available in April; there isn't an official price for the earbuds yet, but you can sign up for Earin's newsletter to receive an email with the details as soon as they're available. If you can’t wait, the original M-1 earbuds are available with a sleek black charging capsule on Earin’s website now.

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