This Contact-Free Smart Thermometer Takes Your Temperature in Less Than a Second

Old-fashioned thermometers require contact. Either the thermometer must be kept under the arm or under the tongue until a little beep lets you know it has a reading. If you have multiple sick kids on your hands, the last thing you want to do is spend thirty minutes checking temperatures and cleaning the thermometer each time. Instead, meet Flo by Zeraph ($49.99). It’s a contact-free smart thermometer that can tell you instantly whether or not someone has a fever. No need to hold it under the tongue, simply hold it up to a forehead and let the green or red light be your guide. Or open the Flo by Zeraph app on your iPhone or Apple Watch to see their exact temperature. 

Battery operated and easy to travel with, Flo can be used to check the temperature of liquids as well. Need your tea water to be a specific temperature for brewing? Using the app, hold Flo about an inch away from the cup or container to see the temperature reading on your iPhone.

When it comes to reading people’s temperature, Flo couldn’t make it any easier. When I unboxed Flo, I slipped the battery in, clicked the single button, and immediately got started. I went around the office checking temperatures, even without the app. With Flo you can simply hold the thermometer an inch away from someone’s forehead to check their temperature. If the light is green, their temperature is within a normal range. If the light turns red, they’re running a fever. Flo makes it so easy that you can even read a sleeping baby’s temperature without disturbing them.

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If you want to know the exact temperature someone is running, you can use the Flo by Zeraph app. Not only will you be able to check the exact temperature of a person or liquids, you can create profiles for each person in the family, take pictures, and keep notes. It’s a good way to track how often someone is sick over the course of a year, and you can share your readings and notes with loved ones or medical professionals.

Flo by Zeraph is available in four different colors and includes a battery so that it’s ready to use right out of the box. It also comes with a small pouch to make it easy for carrying around or traveling with Flo.


  • Contact-free thermometer.

  • Reads temperature in less than a second.

  • Easy use with and without app.

  • Well thought-out app for tracking the families health.


  • Battery operated, meaning eventually you’ll need to buy a replacement battery.

Final Verdict:

For a family, Flo contact-less thermometer would be a invaluable device to have. It takes no time at all to use and provides detailed or general temperature readings. A little pricey compared to old school thermometers but worth the investment if you’ve got a family to keep healthy.

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