5 Best Mindfulness Apps

Modern life is incredibly busy. We’re often pulled in a million different directions, across various topics and areas of responsibility each day. Carving out time amongst the hustle and bustle to stop, breathe, and contemplate is important for mental health and overall well-being. You can slow down in a multitude of ways from meditating to getting inspired. Here’s five apps for maintaining mindfulness throughout your day.

Mindfulness: The Art of Being (Lite) (free)

Mindfulness is more than just meditation, something this Mindfulness app approaches fantastically. Combining practical knowledge and powerful wisdom, this app helps you identify toxic thought patterns for overcoming the obstacles that often hold us back. Users comment on the app’s great help in establishing a daily practice of awareness.


Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker ($4.99)

It’s easy to fall out of your meditation practice if it doesn’t seem to benefit you. Equanimity helps you track how often you meditate and allows you to take notes on each session. Logging a short journal of your meditation is another great way to establish mindfulness of your practice. The app also features a meditation timer that chimes at set intervals to help you return to your silent practice and refocus your mind.


Stop, Breathe, & Think (free)

Stop, Breathe, & Think is a free mindfulness, meditation, and compassion-building app. It allows you to check how you are thinking and feeling then select emotions that guide you to recommended meditations. The app focuses on becoming kinder towards oneself which reflects outward in kindness and compassion towards others. Stop, Breathe, & Think offers awesome short meditations perfect for building mindfulness into a busy schedule.


The Mindfulness App ($2.99)

If you’re looking for top-notch guided meditations, this is the app for you. The apps interface is clean and smooth with many different options for meditation time-length. It features seven different categories to choose from or you can use the timer for your own silent meditation. The app also has its own store with guided meditations by leading professionals such as Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, and Pema Chodron.



If you want to bring your mindfulness practice into your exercise regimen, MindBody will help you locate fitness classes such as yoga and pilates, as well as rejuvenation services like massage. You can reserve your spot in the app and manage your schedule. The app provides reviews from other users and can sync with a FitBit for tracking your progress.

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