Details of Apple Watch Try-On Leaked; Purchases by Reservation Only

A lot of detail is emerging about what you can expect in the coming weeks if you're interested in trying on or purchasing an Apple Watch. 9To5Mac has posted extensive detail about the Apple Watch displays and the process. 

You'll need an appointment to try on an Apple Watch; however, there will also be a walk-in queue, such that you can add your name to the queue when you're in the store and then shop until it's time for your turn. When that time arrives, an Apple employee will escort you to a display table and you can select up to two models that interest you. You'll then be taken to the try-on area, where there are tables with fixed Apple Watches as demos as well as locked drawers with Apple Watches. There are also mats and cleaning cloths. As you try on the watches, they run a demo loop showing the main features and give you the experience of haptic feedback and other features. Apparently smaller Apple Stores will have try-on cases rather than tables.

Once you've selected a model, then you'll go to the "landing zone," where you'll make your purchase. In addition, after you've bought an Apple Watch, you'll then go to the personal setup station, where you'll set up your Watch and sync it with your iPhone, fit bands, and also install apps. If you already know which model you want, you can skip the try-on and go directly to the landing zone.

Of course, if you've got the $10,000 plus to buy the Apple Watch Edition, you'll get special treatment. Unlike the other models, which are limited to 15-minute appointments, the Edition will get you an hour — plus 24/7 support, according to a separate report on 9To5Mac. You won't have to wait, and an expert will be there to personally assist you through the whole process. There will also be an option for a setting up the watch via an at-home video conference. The try-on tables for the Apple Watch Edition will be separate from those for the other models. The Edition won't be available at all stores.

It's amazing how Apple has worked out all these details. And once again, it shows how they make user experience a top priority — even when it comes to selling you a watch.

A report on MacRumors says that at launch, Apple won't be allowing sales to walk-in customers. Instead, customers will need to make a "product reservation." Customers who walk in wanting to purchase a watch will be able to go through a try-on process, and then the Apple representative will help them place an order online or through the Apple Store app. Once the initial demand has been filled, Apple will then likely begin to offer walk-in purchases. 

If you're hoping to trade in an old iPhone to help pay for a new Apple Watch, you won't be able to, according to another post on 9To5Mac. Nor will there be any special pricing or financing for businesses.

And in a final bit of news, Bloomberg is reporting that the FDA is "taking a very light touch" on the Apple Watch, giving the industry the opportunity to develop without tight regulation. 


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