Apple Prepares A New Digital Queue System For Their Stores

With the announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at Apple's Live Event this past Tuesday and its release next Friday, September 19, Apple is taking major steps to make standing in line to purchase the newest devices less onerous. The new system is call Reservation Pass and it will replace the paper cards that used to be handed out to each person in line.

Reservation Pass is a digital queue system that is now being implemented in all Apple Stores. With the previous system, paper cards noting the exact specs of what a person was buying (for example a 64 GB iPhone 6) were handed out to individuals in line. Now customers will be able to get their reservation via email or SMS. This frees them from having to physically be present in those huge lines. Customers should expect the system to be in place for pre-ordering the iPhone today, and when the iPhone is available in stores on September 19.

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