3 Reasons Why You Need the IFTTT App

There's a chance you've heard of the iPhone app IFTTT (free). It's pronounced like "gift" but without the g and stands for "If This Then That." This app does so much that at first glance, you probably found it overwhelming and wrote it off. I'm going to ask you to give it another chance. 

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If you subscribe to any of these services (these are just a small sample of the 65 apps it currently supports), then IFTTT can help streamline your time online by automating tasks. 

Some Apps That Work With IFTTT

Inside the IFTTT app, users can create "recipes" for their automation. For example: 

  • If I'm tagged in a Facebook photo, save a copy of it to my Dropbox.
  • If I share a photo to Instagram, then also share it to my Facebook fan page. 
  • If I check in using Foursquare, then add my location to my Google calendar.
  • If I take notes in a Google doc, then add those notes to my Evernote app.
  • If ESPN reports about the 49ers, send me a text message.

The possibilities, it seems, are endless. Don't be intimidated by creating your own recipes, though–the IFTTT app and website have thousands of pre-made recipes for you to choose from to get you going. 

Why do you need the IFTTT app?

1. Stay up to date with important contacts by receiving text message alerts when they post to their social networks. This is a great way to keep track of what your child is posting on their social networks. 

2. Keep tabs on sales! You can choose to be alerted by text message or email if certain iPhone apps go on sale. You can easily do the same with Groupons and other deal sites. 

3. Automate your social media and save time. Whether you're thanking someone who retweeted something of yours on Twitter or sharing a favorite blogger's posts on your Facebook page, IFTTT can save you time! 

Have you tried IFTTT yet? Where can you see a need for it in your life?

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