CES 2015: What to Expect

CES 2015 is just around the corner and the iPhone Life team will be bringing you live, on-the-ground coverage of what is the largest international gathering in the tech industry. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, this sprawling event will cover over two million square feet and is expected to attract well over 150,000 industry professionals to the city of Las Vegas. CES 2015 is sure to offer plenty of surprises as well as previews of some amazing new technology. Read on after the break for some of our CES predictions and a glimpse into what we can expect from this year's grand event.


CES 2015: What to Expect.

No, Apple Won't be Present, but...

That doesn't mean Apple's presence won't be strongly felt. In fact, with the number of companies and accessories that cater to Apple's product line, the name Apple will certainly be on most everyone's tongue. Add to that the fact that Apple is set to have a monumental year in 2015 with the introduction of the Apple Watch among other exciting new offerings, and I won't be surprised if many companies will be showing off wares for Apple devices that haven't even hit the market yet. We expect to see a good deal of surprises on the CES floor that incorporate elements from some of Apple's software development kits, including biometric detection and health monitoring and interconnected home and auto technology. Just because Apple no longer uses CES to launch new products doesn't mean that the company doesn't exert considerable influence on the content and direction of this massive technology convention.

Wearable Tech

With the Apple Watch getting set to launch early this year (likely dominating the wearable market right out of the gate), we expect that many companies will have some great apps and accessories lined up to go along with this new iDevice's debut. We also expect other wearable devices—ones with many of the same features the Apple Watch promises to deliver—to make quite a splash this year. The market for wearable smart devices is continuing to mature and see strong growth and Apple is primed to lead the way moving forward.

Audio Gear

Whatever your level of audio appreciation, from casual listener to hardcore audiophile, there will be plenty to drool over at CES this year. Some of the top names in the headphone and speaker industries will be there, showing off what will no doubt be a spectacular lineup of new gadgets, both wired and Bluetooth, which will undoubtedly blow our minds. But it's not just the big name brands that will have great offerings at this year's CES. We also expect there to be quite a few startups with some noteworthy entries into the crowded field of personal listening gear.


One of the sectors most likely to garner a lot of attention at this year's CES is the automotive industry. Many of the top car manufactures will be on hand, delivering keynotes and presenting their latest innovations in connected cars, automated driving, and even, rumor has it, new and groundbreaking fuel cell technology.

Cases and Bags

The number of iDevice cases that will be on display at CES can be a little overwhelming, nonetheless we are prepared to wade through the sea of new case options to give you a glimpse of what we can expect to see in months ahead. We are anticipating the plethora of new protective iDevice cases to include innovative solutions for extreme protection, fashionable coverage, and supplemental backup battery power.

Toys and Games

With the continued rise in popularity of drones and other remote controlled and iOS controlled vehicles, we expect these gadgets to make a strong showing again at this year's CES. Along with these fun hobbyist's toys, it will be interesting to see what kind of Virtual Reality tech is debuted on the CES show floors, with major players like Samsung and Oculus (among others) expected to have exciting and interactive VR tech on display. The big question for us here at iPhone Life; will any of the new VR inventions be iOS-compatible?


There may be a continued decline in global television sales, but you'd never know it from looking at the CES show floor. Expect all of the major players to be showing of the latest in high-definition OLED and 4K display technology, massive screens, glasses-free 3D viewing, and curved displays. When the newly refreshed Apple TV comes out, quite possibly as soon as mid-2015, there will be no shortage of absolutely amazing screens to go along with Apple's new set top box, which for the record, hasn't seen a product refresh since early 2012.


Stay tuned to iPhone Life as we bring you all the news from the show floor, starting in just a few days. I'll also be live tweeting from CES, you can follow me on Twitter @idoctech.


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