The Apple Watch: An Amazing Device, but Not for Me

The Apple Watch: An Amazing Device, but Not for Me.

Well, the much lauded Apple Watch has finally arrived, and an impressive device it is indeed. It will land on the wrists of consumers worldwide on April 24, 2015. It's truly an amazing invention, but clearly not for me, at least not yet. Let me tell you why.

The Apple Watch: An Amazing Device, but Not for Me.
I've got several reasons for not being swayed by the collective enthusiasm over the Apple Watch.
  • First of all, anything that I have to use Siri to interact with instantly loses me. Now the functionality of the Apple Watch is not only dependent on its proximity to an iPhone, it's dependent on a good wireless signal. Not to mention, in my experience Siri can be notoriously finicky in terms of what she does and doesn't choose to interpret correctly.
  • Speaking of wireless signals, the fact that the Apple Watch only performs at its best when it's in proximity of an iPhone doesn't make me want to run out and drop at least $349 on one. Eventually it will function independently of the iPhone, but I'd reckon that Apple will keep the Apple Watch tethered to the iPhone for at least two to three more years. This is a significant limitation in my view, and one that may quickly change my anti-Apple Watch stance when it inevitably changes.
  • Additionally, while I love the fact that, as iPhone Life's own David Averbach astutely pointed out, the Apple Watch allows our (sometimes invasive) modern technology to recede into the background, since we don't have to rely on a bulkier, more noticeable iPhone or iPad to be plugged in, I actually appreciate being able to put my devices down and be completely unplugged when it's time. Having a watch, which is traditionally worn all the time, that is also for all intents and purposes, a mini iPhone doesn't necessarily appeal to me. My iPhone works fine for me and I'm perfectly content to continue to use it for everything that an Apple Watch can do. As for those functions that an Apple Watch can do but an iPhone can't (like Glances, Sketch, and Digital Touch), well, I'm okay with that, and as of now that is a reatively short list of functions.
  • I did enjoy Apple's preview of an Apple Watch app that could stream video (in this case from a garage's security camera), it implies that the Apple Watch will also be able to stream the likes of Netflix, HBO NOW and Twitch. But again, I'm happier with my iPhone 6 Plus for such things.
  • Finally, it's important to keep in mind that this is also the first iteration of the Apple Watch. If ever a version was going to be outdated in a year when the new version will most likely be introduced, it will be this one.
So while I can't deny that the Apple Watch has a lot going for it, and is a feat of modern technological achievement, I'm not sold, and I seriously doubt that I will be lining up to buy one anytime soon.
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