Adventure-Proof Your iPad with The Joy Factory's New aXtion Pro Cases

Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad

The Adventure-Proof series examines and reviews the best in rugged iOS gear, apps, and accessories to help iDevice users enjoy the great outdoors with their mobile tech safely in tow. In this installment we'll take a close look at the latest in military-standard, waterproof protection for the iPad 2 through 4; aXtion Pro by The Joy Factory ($129.95).

Waterproof iPad cases are relatively rare, so my ears perked when I heard about a new line from such a reputable company as The Joy Factory. The aXtion Pro is a floating fortress of a case. It meet military grade, waterproof, and shockproof standards, so your iPad is good to go on just about any adventure. 

As if that weren't enough, the cases come readymade for attaching to accessories, with a patented system that opens up all sorts of possible mounting and display options.

Designers consider the following criteria when making waterproof cases:

*Accessibility to controls;

*Ease of use — how difficult is the case to get on or off;


*Level of impact protection;

*Whether the case is full-time use or not;

*The overall size and weight added, aka “the bulk-factor”.

Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad

The aXtion not only meets, but exceeds, all of the basic criteria of a great waterproof iPad case. The case is drop-tested, impact resistant, and has an IP-rating of IP68, meaning it can withstand continuous submersion at a depth of 7 feet for as long as an hour. 

The case consists of a two-piece snap-together shell with a built-in screen protector. A secure "door" snaps into place to cover the charging port, and a screw-on piece plugs the headphone jack. All of the iPad buttons are accessible from the outside of the case. Its corners are heavily padded with a shock-absorbing foam, which also provides the case with its flotation buoyancy.

We all understand that a waterproof case calls for more bulk than a light-duty shell or folio. The aXtion is a bulky case; there is no denying that. Weighing in at more than a pound (20.8 ounces), it’s bigger and heavier than its closest competition at the moment, the Lifeproof nüüd.

Also worth note, while working with the case I found the integrated plastic screen protector to be a distraction; I never could get those oily looking bubbles out (although barely noticeable when lit up). Also, I noticed a bit of a gap between the aXtion’s built-in touchscreen protector and the iPad’s glass screen. 

Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad    Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad    Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad

The Joy Factory designed the case extremely well, giving great consideration to the details of making a very heavy-duty case for a number of circumstances. The case is perfect for doctors or any folks in the medical or scientific community, in part because of its impervious design, which keeps debris out. When the aXtion is exposed to contaminants, cleaning your device is as easy as washing it in the sink with some soap and hot water.

Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad

Encased in the aXtion, you don't have to worry about keeping your iPad from klutzy hands or infants — it's even drool proof as one of my Joy Factory contacts pointed out to me. As a new father, I add that to the list of selling points for the aXtion case.

Adventure-proof: Joy Factory's aXtion for iPad

The aXtion is a versatile tank of an iPad case. With the aXtion, you can safely handle your relatively delicate iPad anywhere from extreme outdoor environments to hospital rooms to your very own kitchen.


*Extremely heavy-duty and rugged protection, meets Military Standard 810 and IP68;

*Easy on and off;

*Double coated AR lens covering rear camera for stunning high-definition photo capabilities;

*An accessories port for adding attachments to the back;

*Shoulder strap attachment points;

*It floats;

*Great for children's iPad's;

*Kensington compatible security lock slot.



*Considerable size and weight;

*Touchscreen protector traps air bubbles against iPad's glass touchscreen.

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