3 Stellar Bluetooth Headphones for Enjoying Music on Your Apple Watch

Even though the Apple Watch has a speaker, it's really only designed to play tones or for short calls. Since we can't listen to tunes on the Apple Watch using traditional wired headphones, a good pair of Bluetooth headphones (or speakers, but that's another article) are called for. There are a huge number of choices available, so to help you decide I've picked three exceptional pairs of headphones, based on their unique individual functionality, to feature as worthy accessories for Apple's first foray into wearable tech.


For the Active Lifestyle: Rugged In-Ear Buds

Jaybird BlueBuds X ($169.95)

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3 Stellar Bluetooth Headphones for Enjoying Music on Your Apple Watch

The BlueBuds are your best bet if compact portability and the ability to stay on reliably and securely are important considerations for you. With variable sized ear pieces and optional, fin-shaped stabilization attachments the BlueBuds can be counted on to stay on even during the most vigorous activities. They are sweat and water resistant and can handle most splashes, though they aren't designed for total submersion. Sonically, the BlueBuds deliver a rich, well-balanced sound, with clear delineation between bass, mid-range, and high tones; and considering the price, I would expect nothing less. Perfect for exercising and active lifestyles, the BlueBuds promise a solid eight hours of playback per battery cycle and with their fitness-minded design elements, they serve as an excellent complement to your Apple Watch.


Portable and Minimalist: Touch-Sensitive On-Ear Headphones

MEE Audio Air-Fi Touch ($99.99)

3 Stellar Bluetooth Headphones for Enjoying Music on Your Apple Watch

I tried these sophisticated headphones out at CES and I was definitely impressed. Their sound quality is superb, with pleasingly accurate audio reproduction. Their fit is comfortable and lightweight for longer listening sessions. If you appreciate being able to remain aware of your surroundings while you are wearing headphones and listening to music, you'll feel comfortable with the Air-Fi Touch. With its flat ear cushions that rest on your ear it is somewhat less noise isolating than other on-ear headphones with cupped ear cushions. The Air-Fi Touch also allow users to conveniently control playback via a touch sensitive panel on the outer ear-piece, which makes controlling the track and volume of what you are listening to as simple as a swipe or tap gesture.


Audiophile's Choice: Lightweight and Luxurious Over-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless  ($249.95)

3 Stellar Bluetooth Headphones for Enjoying Music on Your Apple Watch

Another pair of headphones that sports the increasingly popular touch panel control interface on the ear-cup is the new Urbanite XL wireless. Produced by one of the world's leading headphone manufacturers, the Urbanite XL wireless are a finely tuned and extremely comfortable pair of over-ear headphones. Worth mentioning is that they fold up to half their size, so they are easy to carry around in any backpack or tote. In terms of comfort, they do not excessively clamp the head and their ear cups are large enough so as not to pinch even the largest of ears. In fact, their acoustics are actually enhanced by the spacious ear-cup sound chamber, giving your music a live studio ambience. The Urbanite XL Wireless offer excellent sound delivery as they are crafted with some of the highest performance drivers you'll find in the industry. Sennheiser has built their reputation by producing a consistently outstanding product and the Urbanite XL Wireless certainly continue in Sennheiser's tradition of excellence. For the audiophile, they make the perfect Bluetooth audio accessory for the Apple Watch.

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