Buyer's Guide 2020: Best Apple Watch Accessories

The Apple Watch has a large number of benefits, and we are here with this Buyer's Guide to enhance the style of your watch with great accessories. From Apple Watch chargers, to charging stands and wrist straps, we have put together the best in Apple Watch accessories. Here are a few of our favorites from the brands we know and trust. 

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Elago W3 Stand ($12.99)

This is the best Apple Watch charging cradle holder for geeks. Your Apple Watch charging disc fits inside the sturdy silicone stand, which then holds your Apple Watch while it charges and makes it look adorable! Elago offers a variety of nostalgic designs, from this Mac Classic, to an original iPod, to an old Gameboy, and more. The marketplace is saturated with stands for your watch charging cable, but this one stands out for being sturdy, geeky, easy to use, and fun. Look at that little Macintosh; it’s so cute!

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Nomad Modern Strap ($59.99)

Simple and unintrusive, yet sturdy with a luxurious feel, the Nomad line of premium leather watch bands are reasonably priced and offer the understated class you’re looking for in a high-quality leather band for your Apple Watch. The strap needs a little breaking in, but they’re sure to become a unique personal artifact with age and use.

Pad & Quill Cafe Cuff Band ($119.95)

This premium leather cuff for the Apple Watch is gorgeous, durable, and crafted to high standards. It offers a rare and interesting design in a world of similar-looking watch bands, and will pair well with any leather jacket or your favorite boots. I’m a little in love with mine. Don’t let the punk style fool you, though; this is the most comfortable watch band I’ve tried. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for comfort with rugged styling.

Epic Watch Bands Stainless Steel Mesh ($30)

Epic produces a wide range of styles, from the Global Artisan series that features styles inspired by cultures around the world to a unique wood and metal Fusion model that’s properly deluxe, if a little heavy. I’m highlighting the Stainless Steel Mesh, because it looks great, breathes well, and is affordable and lightweight. It comes in classic silver and black as well as the rainbow sheen featured here. It’s an excellent upgrade for your favorite Apple Watch. If you’re looking for a watch band that’s affordable, personal, and still eye-catching, this is a great place to start. Just make sure that you know how to safely change your Apple Watch band to avoid damaging this epic watch band!

Moderno Collections Premium 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand ($65)

If you own an Apple Watch, you certainly own an iPhone too, and if you’re charging your Apple Watch, you probably also want to charge your iPhone. This device delivers power to your watch with a built-in charging disc, plus wireless power for up to two other devices: either your iPhone and AirPods Pro, or two phones. This stand is great for couples who both have phones to charge at night. The swooping design looks clean and modern, but it’s also functional. It lines up your iPhone automatically with the wireless charging coil, so you don’t have to wiggle your iPhone around to make sure it’s on top of the coil and actually charging. This is a great bedside companion for the Apple Watch enthusiast.

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