How to Turn Up Volume on Apple Watch

What to Know

  • When your iPhone is playing music or a video, you can control the volume from your Apple Watch.
  • If you want to adjust volume on the Apple Watch for notifications, go to Sounds & Haptics in Settings.

Whether your Apple Watch alerts and notifications are not quite the right volume, or you want to adjust the volume of your music from your Apple Watch, it's simple to adjust volume on an Apple Watch. We'll go over both how to turn up the volume or turn down the volume of the Apple Watch and how to raise and lower volume via the Apple Watch while playing something on your iPhone.

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How to Turn Volume Up on Apple Watch

If you feel like your Apple Watch is too quiet or too loud and you want to change the volume settings on your Apple Watch, here's how.

  1. On your Apple Watch, tap Settings.

    how to turn up volume on apple watch
  2. Tap Sounds & Haptics.

    how to turn volume up on apple watch
  3. Tap the right side to increase volume.

    apple watch volume control
  4. Tap the left side to decrease volume.

    how to turn volume down on apple watch
  5. Once you've tapped the volume bar, you can adjust the volume by turning the digital crown.

    volume apple watch

You can listen for the clicks that will give an example of how loud the notification will be. If you like learning tips about your Apple Watch, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day!

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How to Adjust Volume on Apple Watch

If you want to be able to adjust the volume of a song or video that's playing on your iPhone from your Apple Watch, here's how.

Note: This only works between your Apple Watch and your iPhone. You cannot adjust the volume of your Mac or your iPad from your Apple Watch even if they are connected via Bluetooth and WiFi.

  1. Start playing a video or a song on your iPhone.

    how to adjust volume on apple watch
  2. Go to the Smart Stack by swiping or scrolling up on the Apple Watch.

    volume on apple watch
  3. Tap the media that's playing.

    apple watch volume
  4. Turn the digital crown up or down to adjust the volume on your iPhone from your Apple Watch.

    how to turn down volume on apple watch

Now, you can play a video or song on your iPhone and walk away. If it gets too loud or too quiet, you can easily adjust the volume from your Apple Watch.


  • Why is there no sound on my Apple Watch notifications? Make sure that you have not enabled Silent mode on the Apple Watch. Also, make sure that Haptic Alerts are toggled on.
  • How to get sound notifications on both iPhone and Apple Watch? You can set your Apple Watch to mirror your iPhone for notification settings by enabling Mirror My iPhone under Notifications in the Apple Watch App.
  • How do I adjust the volume on my Apple Watch Spotify? To adjust the volume on Spotify with your Apple Watch, simply twist the Digital Crown up or down respectively.

And that's how you turn down the volume on your Apple Watch, whether for notifications or for playing music.

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