App Review: Tiny Flashlight


App Review: Tiny Flashlight 


The great thing about the iPhone 4 and 4s is the fact it carries a nice little LED Flash.  However it’s very rare that it gets used, unless doing a lot of indoor photography.  Even then, the flash is rarely called upon.


However times do change, and there is a new reason to get that little LED Flash warmed up, and this is to enable you to see in the dark… literally! 

Tiny Flashlight is brought to us via Nikolay Ananiev, and gives you the ability to use your iPhone as a Flashlight.  So whether you are trying to find your way through dark woods, reading under the covers, finding your way to the toilet without having to switch the light on, or even just to annoy someone by shining it in their eyes… it’s all possible with this App.


The app also comes with numerous other fun features which allow you to use your screen as the flashlight rather than draining your battery with the LED Flash or if you want a more ambient feel. 


The extras include, Warning Lights, which flash amber.  Police lights which flash Red Blue and White.  A light bulb, so you can adjust the brightness of your screen or a color light if you would like to set the tone of the room.


This is feature rich Flashlight app and is currently available for Free from the App Store.  This is a must have if you own an iPhone 4 or 4s.


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