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Lyrics Edition by BodyGuardz

When you think of the different headphone companies on the market it can get a little overwhelming.  I have used a few of what I would consider the better brands available today.  I have to say that BodyGuardz is going to be one of my favorites.  They produce a great product at a reasonable price. 

  If you are an audiophile.  You are no doubt already acquainted with BodyGuardz.  Therefore, you understand the ability of these minature sound monsters from BodyGuardz.  These guys are really one of the top competitors when it comes to audio sound quality.  Especially, when talking or referring to smartphones, mp3 players, ipad, and more.  They really produce the best of the best.

  The Lyrics edition earphones are the top model BodyGuardz produces.  When you receive the product you will be delighted at all the extras that come with these.  First and foremost you get an aweswome hardshell zippered case with a caribeneer.  You get nine different sizes of earbuds and a three foot woven extension cable.  This will be extremely convenient to use when sitting at a desk or any stationary position where you may need to move around without being restricted by the earphone cord length.  This is one of my favorite extras that come with the Lyrics edition.

  I have been listening to all different types of music to better describe the sound.  I can't really say that any one type sounds better or worse than the other.  These Lyrics edition are truly awesome sounding earphones.  I read that the treble was a little recessed. I really don't agree with that comment.  I think they have done an awesome job mixing all the highs and lows across the board.  I think the Lyrics edition are intended to be a bass boss.  They are an awesome bass producing earphone.  But the treble is fine too.  I had no trouble hearing the cymbals or any other highs.  Everything seem to be exactly as advertised.  They are more bass in the Lyrics edition as compared to their Moxy model.  They are a great earphone also. 

  The Lyrics edition do not come with an in line mic.  So if you are intending to answer calls or record audio these are not the type of earphones you need.  The Moxy model by BodyGuardz is a great earphone with in line mic.  I mention this because some people prefer to answer or make phone calls without removing their earphones.  However, I guess its a trade off.  If you want all the bass you give up the mic.  Some people don't use the mic so that's no big deal.

  The great thing about BodyGuardz is for every set of earphones sold they donate a part of the proceeds to help children with hearing problems.  This is a great cause every company should follow this example.  So when you purchase the earphones you are helping hearing impaired children too.

   The Lyrics edition are like having customized earphones of your own.  The design is superb, very sleek, and comfortable.  They are egg-shaped and extremely comfortable.  They provide several different size tips to match the ear opening of each individual.  I think anyone who listens to Lyrics  edition will fall in love.  The sound is like no other.  They are a little higher priced the other models at $99.  But hey my motto is, "you get what you pay for." So follow that motto and order yours today at



Mitch Stevens

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