Photo Canvas Review

The photo canvas app is a very simple app which allows you to take pictures with your iPhone and send them to this company to be printed on high quality canvas and shipped to you.  With the newer iPhone 4 and 4s the camera is able to take high resolution pictures and since people have their phone with them all the time, this is how many people are taking most of their pictures.  Unfortunately that used to mean that it was difficult to move the pictures over to your computer, edit them and have them printed professionally. 

photo canvas for iPhone

Now, with this app you can just select a picture taken by your phone and have it professionally printed and shipped to you.  The whole process takes just minutes but allows you to see exactly how the picture will look when they are done.  To start out you select a picture from your phone and then select the size of print you’ll want.  Each of these steps are done with a very easy to use interface by simply tapping a couple spots on the phone.  Each time you change the size of the canvas you want it printed on it will update the picture so you can see exactly how it will look.

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Once you’ve chosen the size you want it to be you can move the image around, zoom in or out and crop it down so the picture is exactly how you want it.  This makes it very easy to make sure you can fit exactly what you want in the picture without any trouble.  It also makes it easy for you to crop out anything you don’t need or want in the picture such as excessive background space.  Once that’s chosen you pick the color of the edges of the picture to give it a nice framed look. At this point you can also choose whether to have the print in color or black and white.

photo canvas iPhone app review

Finally, the app will show you how the picture will look hanging on a wall.  This part is surprisingly helpful since it shows a mock layout of a living room with the picture on the wall.  This gives you a good idea of the dimensions of the canvas and how it might look in your home.  The app even lets you scroll through several different rooms of a house to see how it would look, or even take a picture of the exact spot you’ll want to hang the picture so you can see exactly how it will look. 

Once you’ve got the exact picture you want all picked out it is just a matter of filling out your billing and shipping information, all done within the app, and confirming your order.  It just takes a few minutes and they’ll have the picture printed on high quality canvas and shipped right to your house.  This is really the easiest way to get any of your favorite pictures from your iPhone to canvas and hanging on your wall. 

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