iNibby Nibble App Review


This is a remake of a classic Amiga game called Nibby Nibble. The visuals in iNibby Nibble are more refined than the classic version as there are more curved surfaces rather than levels made up of square grids (for the outer walls). The level backgrounds in iNibby Nibble don't really move and seem pre-rendered. 

Gameplay consists of controlling a caterpillar who eats fruit and eating all the fruit in the current level you are on in order to advance to the next level. The caterpillar grows as he eats more fruit and it becomes very challenging to prevent him from getting stuck and losing. If he gets stuck and eats himself, so to speak, you have to start the level all over. By getting stuck I mean if his face hits or runs into one of his sides or back. The caterpillar grows so large after eating a certain amount of fruit that this is very difficult to overcome because of the level layouts and controls.

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iNibby Nibble for iPhone

Controls are based on swipe movements. You swipe in four directions -- up, down, left, and right -- in order to move the caterpillar in the direction you want. You can swipe from anywhere on your touchscreen and don't need to have your finger directly on the caterpillar. The swiping is kind of difficult at times due to the unresponsive nature of this form of control. Also, the caterpillar moves very quickly and it is hard to time it perfectly in order for him to get a couple fruit that are positioned in awkward ways -- like if two are next to each other and not touching walls.

If I was to describe this game in a few words I would say it mixed gameplay from the classic Snake games, popular on calculators and early PCs, and with Pac-Man. It shares the aspect of Snake that the caterpillar can't run into himself, moves in line patterns, and grows over time.  It shares the aspect of Pac-Man because in order to advance to new levels, you have to eat all the fruit in a level -- kind of like how Pac-Man has to eat all the dots to advance.

If you enjoy arcade games, or are a long-time fan of the Amiga original, you may check this game out. However, most other games on the App Store will be left very frustrated by the game's difficulty and unresponsive controls. It also may be worth checking if you have kids because of its friendly and light-hearted nature. 

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