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The new iAlbums app was designed to bring back the experience of buying more than just a song when you purchase music.  In the past when you purchased music it would typically come with the CD (or tape or record) along with a bunch of information about the song and the artist.  Since people began using programs such as iTunes to download their music they no longer got any of these extras.  They just get the song to play in their mp3 player.  While the music is the primary reason people like purchasing songs, it is much more enjoyable when they get the full experience.

iAlbums will go through all the music you have on your device and gather information about the artists who sing it and much more.  Their system gathers information from a wide range of sources about the music.  Anywhere from the artist’s facebook page to YouTube, flicker and many other sources all contribute to giving you all the information you could ever want about the music you love. 

iAlbums iPhone app review

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When listening to your favorite song you can browse through pictures of the band, the video on YouTube, read the band’s biography, see information about any other projects the band is working on and even their concert dates.  iAlbums has done a great job in compiling every piece of information from all the different sources. 

The app is very easy to load up and browse through to get all the information you want. Since you can listen to your music right from the app you are able to use iAlbums as your one stop music app where you can listen to your favorite songs, while learning more about the artists who sing them.  You’ll love the fact that when you think of a question about the song you’re hearing you can just look in the app to find the answer to it quickly. 

The developers of the iAlbums app have done a great job of bringing back the well rounded experience of buying music which people used to enjoy before everything went digital.  They also took that experience to the next level by giving users access to over 2 billion unique pieces of information about thousands of different songs and artists.  No matter what type of music you love, you’ll enjoy learning more about the music you enjoy most quickly and easily and all from one location.

iAlbums for iPhone

One potential down side for some people is if you don’t have a WiFi or strong 3G/4G connection it can take a little long to find and load up the information about the song you’re listening to.  This is normally not a huge problem but it can be a little annoying when trying to browse through pictures or load up the artist’s biography while the song is actually playing.  When you do have the fast internet connection, however, the app is extremely responsive and gives you all the information you could want very quickly.  The app looks great and has an easy to use layout which is great for both listening to music and viewing all the available extras. 

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