Cweeture Jump iPhone App Review

I was just thinking of the dominance in the app store by the games where little birds play a major role. Of course best of them Angry Birds and Tiny wings, which are still on the top. When guys from Weeworld asked me to have a look at their recent work Cweeture Jump, I was into it immediately because of the interest in playing such funny bird ruling games.

So here is Peter, the griffin, half eagle and half lion who is the hero in Cweeture Jump. This is yet another simple game which reminds me of the famous Ninja jump from the app store. You need to go for the race against the clock while playing Cweeture Jump. On playing the game, Peter starts to fly and all that you need to do is just guide him to collect the coins as much as possible on his way. As I said earlier you need to check on your timing and reach the height before it expires.

Cweetur Jump

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There are launch pads on the way so even if you lose the momentum just land there and you will be pushed up for each jump. As you gain levels you can see various varieties of launch pads. Here again your timing is much important.There are hourglasses which boost your life by ten seconds, so guys don’t miss one! Be aware that if you are not collecting enough coins and fail to land on the launch pad you will drop down and lose. So make sure Peter gets the momentum on the go.

There are rubies on the way, which boosts the speed and diamonds, which gives the griffin a super speed. Pick them up regularly to reach the height easily before the time expires. In fact, I have just given it a try and was struggling to overcome the heights in the given time. Once you have finished or tumble in middle you can see the score with the height you have achieved. There are options to share your score via Twitter and Facebook as well. Cweeture Jump is Game Center enabled so you can play with your friends online and share your achievements. Home screen contains some new Cweetures which will be added for FREE in future updates so you can enjoy more than Peter in the upcoming days. I was just worried about the regular game play in this app, but when I started to play continuously this is simply entertaining. Cweeture Jump is available in the app store for $0.99.

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