App Review - Rollover

I love old school pinball games.  There’s just something about these vintage games that brings you back to your youth-even if you are way too young to remember these (and I’m including myself in those ranks). 

Rollover contains that iconic bit of the freestanding gaming, the eternally beloved shiny metal ball.  Like any good game though, Rollover takes the best of what we loved before and adapts it to the current technology-the iPhone. The objective of rollover is to get past blocks and other objects while keeping the ball on the board and avoiding those pesky holes.  All right, so this part isn’t new, but you get the idea.

Unlike a few old school games, Rollover has quite a few different levels with many themes and goals-some say about 100 (at the point I am writing this I haven’t gotten quite that far, but I think that’s a fair assessment). The beginning levels start off a bit easier, with few obstacles and then gradually increase in difficulty, testing your pinball-style skills.

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Rollover iPhone app

One of my favorite parts however, is the use of real-tilt simulation that Rollover integrates into this app.  After all, what’s the fun of a pinball machine without that oh-no-it’s-about-to-fall-through-the-hole kind of feeling? 

Another part of Rollover that I’m a fan of is leaving a game and being able to come back to it where you left off. Traveling on the subway every day, time can pass by a bit too quickly and I won’t want to let go of a game that I’ve gotten into!

Each level also has varying themes and obstacles-keeping your interest as it keep you challenged! These different themes make you play the game continuously. Even though the gameplay seems pretty old, the way developers presented the game is really appreciable.

Rollover is available on the app store for just $0.99

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