How to Move, Delete & Mark Multiple Emails at a Time on the iPhone

How to Move, Delete, and Mark Multiple Emails at a Time

The ability to mark, move, or delete emails using the Mail app comes in handy when you need to manage your inboxes. You can easily mark, move, or delete an email in your iPhone's Mail app from within the body of an email using the menu at the bottom of your screen. You can also manage individual emails from within your inbox by swiping to the left over the email. But this is tedious if you have a large number of emails to deal with.

How to Mark, Move, or Delete Emails Inside the Mail App

  1. Go to your inbox and tap Edit in the upper right corner.​

  2. Tap on each email to select it.
  3. Once you have all the emails you want selected, tap Mark, Move, or Trash.​

  4. Tapping Mark will let you flag the email, mark it as read, or move it to junk.
  5. Tapping Move will bring up a list of folders to which you can move the email.
  6. Tapping Trash will delete the selected emails.
  7. If you mistakenly mark an email as junk, move an email to the wrong folder, or delete the wrong email, just shake to undo.​

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