How to Truly Set Do Not Disturb So That Not a Single Call or Text Gets Through

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Sometimes Do Not Disturb will still let messages and calls through in certain circumstances depending on your Do Not Disturb settings. Want to use your phone without receiving ANY notifications and calls? Here's the best way to set Do Not Disturb so your phone won't go off for any reason. I use it for when I'm listening to podcasts or just trying to get some work done.

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  •  Open Settings.
  • Tap Do Not Disturb.
  • For Do Not Disturb, make sure the toggle is ON.
  • Under Silence, tap Always.
  • Under Phone, tap Allow Calls From and select No One.
  • For Repeated Calls, make sure the toggle is OFF.

With these settings, you won't receive any notifications and all calls will immediately go to voicemail. You'll also see a reminder on your Lock Screen until you disable Do Not Disturb.

For when you want to use, or even not use, your phone without interruption, just follow the above steps. But don't forget to turn it back on after a while, you wouldn't want to miss any reminders for the day!

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