How to Fix Apple Podcast Not Working on iPhone & iPad

What to Know

  • Apple Podcasts stopped not working? Open the Settings app, tap General, then Software Update, and see if there's an iOS update to install.
  • To fix one podcast, unfollow the show, then wait a few minutes and follow the show again.

If you're wondering, "Why does my phone stop playing podcasts?" or "Why won't my podcast resume play?" it could be because of a poor connection, some settings that need to be reset or changed, the Podcasts app needs to be restarted, and more. Let's go over why Apple Podcasts is not working, and how to fix podcast audio on your iPhone or iPad. 

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Easy Steps to Fix the Apple Podcasts App

Why is Apple Podcasts not working? There are several reasons an Apple podcast won't resume, won't play, or you can't hear a podcast. Here are a few basic things to check when your podcasts app is not working:

If none of these steps has helped, read on for more ways to fix the Apple Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad.

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Check Your Internet Connection

The Podcasts app requires an internet connection to stream episodes. If you're out of range of Wi-Fi or your cellular network, or your iPhone or iPad has Airplane Mode enabled, you won't be able to stream podcast episodes, or your episode may lag or pause and not resume. You can fix this issue by relocating somewhere with a stronger cellular signal or connecting to Wi-Fi. You should also make sure Airplane mode is off because this setting will disable your cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

If the Airplane mode icon is white with an orange background, Airplane mode is on. Tap the icon to turn off Airplane mode, and the background will turn grey.

make sure airplane mode is off if apple podcast wont play

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Check for Audio Issues

You've already made sure that your iPad or iPhone volume is turned up enough for you to hear your podcast. But, if you still can't hear your podcast, we have a troubleshooting guide for when iPhone audio isn't working. It could be something as simple as your iPhone or iPad being connected to a Bluetooth device you're unaware of!

check bluetooth if you can't hear podcast

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Close and Open the Podcasts App Again

Sometimes app glitches can be fixed by simply closing the app, then opening it again. Use the App Switcher to close the Podcasts app. Wait a few minutes, then reopen Podcasts and see if it's working again. 

use app switcher to close podcasts app

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Check iPhone & iPad Storage

If your Podcasts problem is due to your device not being able to download new episodes, you could be dealing with a storage problem. Check your iPad or iPhone storage, and optimize or free up storage as needed to get those podcasts downloading again!

check ipad or iphone storage

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Unfollow & Follow a Podcast Again

If it's one particular (or a few particular) podcast giving you trouble, unsubscribe from the podcast, then subscribe again. If your podcast problems are caused by a glitch from one or more specific podcasts, this should fix the issue. 

unsubscribe from podcast if podcast wont resume

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Reset Sync Library

If your podcasts aren't syncing properly across your devices, it can cause missing subscriptions and downloads. To fix this issue, turn off Sync Library in Podcast Settings, wait a few minutes, then toggle Sync Library back on.

toggle off sync library in podcast settings

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Reset Network Settings

Apple Podcasts not working still? It's time to reset Network Settings on your iPhone or iPad. This step will help fix any internet connectivity issues that may be causing your podcast problem.

reset network settings if podcast wont play

I hope the Podcasts app is working for you again, so you can listen to all your favorite podcasts without interruption. If your podcast won't play after all these steps, contact Apple Support to see if your iPhone or iPad has a hardware issue. Be sure to check out our free Tip of the Day for more great Podcasts app tutorials!

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  • Are podcasts draining my iPad or iPhone battery? The Apple Podcasts app might be draining your battery. You can check which apps are draining the battery on your iPhone and iPad in a few easy steps. 
  • How can I keep podcasts from draining my iPhone battery? If the Podcasts app is draining your battery, download podcasts to listen to when you're out of Wi-Fi range. This will eliminate the need for streaming while listening to the podcasts you downloaded, and save battery. 
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