How to See What’s Draining Your iPhone or iPad Battery

Want to see what apps are draining the battery on your iPhone? Your iPhone's battery usage is broken down app by app in the Battery Health section of your Settings app. The data lets you see the percentage of battery life used by each app, and also how long you spent on individual apps. You'll be able to save your battery life and save your phone by picking out the apps that use more battery than they should be. 

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  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Battery.

    phone batterybattery usage
  3. Below Battery Health, you'll see a chart of your iPhone's battery charge level and activity. 
  4. There are options to view records for the Last 24 Hours or the Previous 10 Days.

    iphone battery usagebattery usage analyzer
  5. Scroll down, and you'll see how much of your overall battery use was due to each app.
  6. Tap on Show Activity to see how long you used each app.
  7. Tap on Battery Usage By App to go back to see the percentage of battery used by each app.

    background apps iphoneiphone battery performance
  8. Compare battery usage with use time. If an app isn't used much but still demands a lot of battery, consider uninstalling it.
  9. If you use an app a lot but still feel it is taking more battery than it should, then see if there is an alternative that might use less battery.

Now you know how to check which apps are eating up your battery. Hopefully you can keep your phone running a little longer!

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