Home Screen Helpers: Swipe Straight to the Point

Your Home Screen is like your physical space; it’s easy to let it get cluttered and, once it does, it’s not only distracting but can make you feel like you’ll never get it under control. Here are three easy ways to revamp your Home Screen experience to turn it into your digital dream space.

Load Up on Lock Screens

Creating Lock Screens to match your different Home Screens is the organizational trick you didn’t know you needed. Not only can you swipe between aesthetics based on mood, but you can also set your Lock Screen to a specific Home Screen and Focus mode. Just long press on a Lock Screen, and press the add button or swipe to your last Lock Screen and swipe once more. From here, you can customize your Lock Screen and accompanying Home Screen, and even link a Focus mode. If you want more advanced options when linking a Focus mode, you can go into your Focus settings, select Lock Screen or Home Screen from there, and customize to your heart’s content. For more iPhone organizational tips and tricks, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

Cull Your Home Screen Pages

Too many Home Screen pages can take up your time by forcing you to swipe through endless apps. Probably the fastest way to cut down on swiping is to hide entire Home Screen pages. This won’t delete the page or the apps on itl, but instead allows you to craft Home Screens to match different Lock Screens and Focus Modes. Long press on your Home Screen until it enters jiggle mode, then tap the small bar at the bottom that shows dots representing your Home Screen pages. Tap the checkmark below a screen to hide it, or the minus arrow to get rid of it entirely. Tap Done when finished.

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Widget Away

Widgets offer a world of possibility (as you can tell on our page of widget tips!) but one of the simplest and most effective ways to implement them is to just implement them! They can offer at-a-glance info from apps you’d otherwise have to open, and keep your most important and interactive apps front and center so you can find them easily without having to remember where you put them on your Home Screen. To add a widget to your Home Screen, just long press until your phone enters jiggle mode, and tap the add icon on the top left corner. Tap the widget you want to add, select and a size, and voila!

How Many Home Screen Pages Should You Keep?

Too many Home Screen apps can become unruly and overwhelming. Consider having one for widgets, a second for your primary Home Screen page with all your apps exactly where you want them to be, and a third for the overflow that aren’t quite primary but you don’t want to relegate to the App Library. You’ll want to find what’s best for you, so whatever makes navigating your Home Screen feel easiest and most natural is the way to go!

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