How to Subscribe to a Podcast on iPhone

Apple’s Podcasts app on iPhone makes it easy to subscribe to all of your favorite audio and video podcasts. Within the app, you can create your own list of podcasts that will update as new episodes are released. Whether you have a couple favorite shows or you're a podcast addict, this tip will make it easy to subscribe to the podcasts you love on your iPhone.

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How to Subscribe to a Podcast on iPhone

  • Open the Podcasts app on iPhone. If you don't have it, open the App Store app on your iPhone and type Podcasts in the search field. Tap the purple Podcasts app and tap Get to download the app.

  • Once in the Podcasts app, you can search through Featured, Top Charts, or Search to find interesting titles. Once you find a show you like, tap on it.

  • Near the top, there will be a large button that says Subscribe. Tap it to subscribe to the podcast.

Now, to view the episodes in your queue that you haven’t listened to yet from the podcasts you’ve subscribed to, tap Unplayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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