Best Graduation Gifts for iDevice Users

'Tis the season for graduations! High school, college, whatever your family member or friend is graduating from, spring is the time to watch them walk across that stage and celebrate their accomplishments. And then, of course, buy them a gift to say congratulations! Here's my list of the best Graduation gifts for iDevice users. 

1. PUC ($129.99)

For the musician or DJ, the PUC wireless device interface allows you to connect any MIDI device wirelessly to an iDevice. Guitars, drums, keyboards, and DJ controllers are just some of the devices you can connect to and not worry about cables, dongles, or extension cords. Runs on two AA batteries and includes a MIDI cord. 


2. ShareBrands Stereo Headphones ($65)

Who says great headphones have to be expensive? ShareBrands has lightweight headphones that are comfortable to wear and sound great. They're built using neodymium magnet drivers and easily deliver the deep bass and wider dynamic range you're looking for. The cushioned headband is a great feature that many other brands don't offer. The best part? ShareBrands donates 25 percent of the sale price of your purchase to social causes, depending on the color headphones you choose. Blue: Men and Children's Health, Red: To Fight Poverty, Pink: Women and Children's Health, Yellow: For Education, and Green: For the Environment.  

ShareBrands Stereo Headphones

3. Pelican ProGear Voyager Case ($50)

Armed with a lifetime guarantee (their motto is, "You break it, we replace it... Forever."), the Voyager tough case is designed to protect your phone from being dropped or crushed. The case is made up of four layers: a belt/pocket holster that doubles as a kickstand, a hard (but slim) beveled-edge back, a scratch-resistant screen protector, and an extra rugged drop protection front layer. Each layer is designed to help deflect and absorb the shock of a dropped phone. There are soft covers over each of the buttons and ports to help protect from dust and dirt, and the smooth case ensures the phone can quickly be slid into your pocket without "sticking." 

Pelican ProGear Voyager Case

4. Shuttr by Muku Labs ($39.99)

Is your grad addicted to selfies? The Shuttr makes them easy by providing the slimmest external camera remote control shutter on the market. Take group photos and selfies from up to 30 feet away by inserting the included audio jack phone stand to angle your phone just right. No apps to download, just connect via Bluetooth and begin clicking! The possibilities for the Shuttr are endless—trick shots, sensitive shots where you can't risk the movement of your iPhone while taking a picture, selfies in front of historic monuments, new homes or offices, and even group selfies. Available in red, black, and white. 


5. iHome Power Case ($69.99)

Never be without power while using the iHome 2000 mAh Power Case. Unlike other battery cases, the iHome Power Case leaves the charging port for your phone open to allow the phone and case to be recharged separately. It features an LED light so you can keep tabs on your power level and gives your phone up to one extra battery cycle. Available for iPhone 5/5s in black and pink. 

iHome Power Case

6. Speck Candyshell Amped ($44.95)

A sound amplification case with military-grade protection, the Candyshell Amped is truly like no other. The exclusive horn design in the case takes the sound from your phone's speaker (at the bottom on the case) and redirects it to come out the speaker grill on the side. No battery power is needed–everything is done through the horn. The bonus? Speck's best-selling Candyshell case is still on the outside, protecting your phone with military-grade materials. Available in pink, blue, and black. 

Speck Candyshell Amped


7. Retro Game Case ($29.99)

Grads can take a much-needed brain break with these retro game cases from PureGear. We all know how easy it is to get stuck inside Facebook or Twitter while waiting for the elevator. Take a minute to disconnect and have some fun while solving one of two maze games, or a pinball-style decision making game. These cases are definitely business in the front, and party in the back. 

Retro Game Maze Cases


8. Ventev Powercell 6000+ Portable Battery ($74.99)

Give your grad extra power with the Ventev Powercell 6000. Plug it into the wall for nightly charging, but then take the 6000 mAh charger with you and use the stored power to charge your phone an additional two to three full charges. Includes 1A and 2.1A charging ports, and can charge two devices at the same time.  

Ventev PowerCell 6000


9. PureGear PureMove Sports Armband ($49.99)

iPhones don't belong in a pocket, where they could easily fall out during exercise. The PureGear sports armband is a great gift for any fitness enthusiast—just click your phone in and go! Have easy access to the screen and side controls and know that your phone is safe and secure while your workout. Unlike other sports armbands, the PureMove armband is made from fabric that is moisture-wicking, antibacterial, odor-free, machine washable, and even reflective for running at night. The detachable cord keeper ensures that your cords stay where they should. Available in green/gray and pink/gray. 

PureGear PureMove Sports Armband


10. Cellairis C3 Bluetooth Headset ($29.99)

Keep your grad safe with this headset from Cellairis. The C3 Bluetooth Headset connects to your phone to provide hands-free talking, better sound transfer, and reduction of exterior sounds while driving or walking around. The headset is lightweight and can be used in the right or left ear. Available in silver, black, red, and hot pink. 

Cellairis C3 Bluetooth Headset

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