iPhone, meet the CellHelmet case. You break your iPhone, they replace your iPhone. Guaranteed!


Siva's reviews: The CellHelmet


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It's no secret, there are a plethora of cases out there that offer extreme protection for your iPhone. Some are definitely designed better than others, and some are bulky, and others less so. In fact, many cases offer protection from water, dust, shock, vibration and impact, but only one company offers the assurance that if your iPhone breaks while it's in their case, they will replace your device.


Siva's reviews: The CellHelmet


Meet the CellHelmet, a relatively simple and inexpensive ($45.00) case, with a remarkable “protection guarantee”. The CellHelmet iPhone case isn't a fancy or elaborate case by any means, it's just a single piece of flexible plastic with a reinforced perimeter bumper. In fact, as Mike Kane of CellPig (the manufactures of the CellHelmet) said when we had a chance to discuss the CellHelmet, “The CellHelmet is by no means supposed to be a 'rugged case'. That is the point - CellHelmet is simple!  Somewhere in the last 5 years we've lost the fun of the iPhone, as companies force the device into big brick-like cases, which don't fit into the pocket and prohibit functionality. CellHelmet gives the consumer a safety net of protection, all the while keeping the iPhone in a sleek and simple case, which can fit in a pocket!”


When you first get the CellHelmet, you have 30 days to register the case. From that point, you have a one-year guaranteed replacement policy (minus a $50.00 handling fee/deductible) fif any thing should happen to your iPhone. It doesn't matter if your iPhone was jailbroken, used, unlocked or new. The replacement warranty is unconditional, with the one exception of iPhone damage due to water. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your iPhone break while using the CellHelmet, the company will either have your iPhone repaired and if repair isn't possible, they will have your iPhone replaced with either a new or refurbished unit.


It is refreshing indeed to come across a case that actually guarantees the protection and safety of your iPhone while using it. There's a certain freedom that comes with knowing that whatever you do (short of submerging your iPhone), your phone is either protected via having a sturdy and competent case over it, or if the phone breaks, you’re covered. With the CellHelmet, you simply can't go wrong, your phone is either safe, or under warranty. I wish more cases offered such a guarantee!


Siva's reviews: The CellHelmet


The CellHelmet slips easily on and off, and is customizable in so far as it comes with two colored, interchangeable card inserts that add a little flavor to an otherwise plain and transparent iPhone skin. The case can of course, also be used without the card insert if you'd rather have your Apple logo on the iPhone’s back visible. This case certainly is unique and fills a niche; for folks who want a minimalistic case that leaves their iPhone's screens, ports and buttons all completely exposed and accessible, while at the same time, giving the user the peace of mind that if any misfortune were to befall their iPhone, that it will be replaced, no problem, guaranteed.


As Kane said: “The CellHelmet is more than enough protection for everyday use and it will protect the iPhone from wear and tear.  If it doesn't?  You're covered...” Hey now, how can you beat that kind of a deal?


The CellHelmet is available from CellPig for $45.00.

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