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For those of you looking for an attorney in your area, this app should be of use to you. It will help you find attorneys related to a wide variety of practices related. Whether you want an attorney specializing in litigation, employment, or criminal cases, this app will help you. It allows you to search for attorneys specializing in a wide range of practices. However, you can't pick criminal charges like murder or assault from the menu as a way to find criminal attorneys. You must just select "criminal" from the search field. The civil cases seem to be more varied as you can select from class-action litigation to other specialties.

You can filter your search from a huge list of civil categories and you can filter other aspects of a lawyer's profile before hitting search. For instance, you want to hire a lawyer that deals with a particular rate he charges, you can. You may be looking for a lawyer who is of particular age range, and you can filter this info about them, as well. The app comes with a huge list of options and categories to choose from.

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iSeekLaw for iPhone

Keep in mind that iSeeklaw is an app based on searching for attorneys, not one where you will gain any insight into the legal system of your area. It does offer blog posts for you to read and recent press releases though. However, you can't read up on particular legal jargon or laws within the app. To avoid confusion, it should really be called iSeekAttorney.

However, in terms of searching for legal assistance, the app does its job well. Although I do have to admit that I had a hard time finding local attorneys in many fields of practices, due to how niche some of them are. The app may offer too many options and categories to use as filters. It is a lot easier selecting the "search for all" option, instead of doing heavily filtered searches.

The aspect of the app that I truly found as its strength is the information it gives about attorneys listed in the search. All the information that was possible to filter out in the search is available once an attorney's name is selected. His rates, age, location, field of practice, and much more is shown. This can provide those seeking legal assistance much needed information that may be hard to acquire elsewhere.

iSeekLaw iPhone App review

One thing I don't like about this app is how it is meant to be used from a portrait orientation. It doesn't rotate when turning the iDevice around into landscape orientation. It's a bit of a shortcoming as many users probably have it installed upscaled on their iPads. It also doesn't offer universal app support. Another shortcoming is how dull and lifeless the menus are. In terms of content, there really isn't much to get excited besides the attorney profiles and possibly press releases. Also, the criminal attorney filters could be made more varied.

If you are seeking legal council and have a hard time picking from your area -- based on Web searches and recommendations from acquaintances -- then check out iSeeklaw. It will at least offer you another option to filter out your search and get insight into your local attorney profiles. The info given on each attorney's profile in the app is extensive and worth checking out -- whether you already picked your attorney or started your search. 

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