Vendor Network FAQs

What is the iPhone Life Vendor Network (iLVN)

The iPhone Life Vendor Network is a free and voluntary association of companies that market quality iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch products.

Members will enjoy an ever-growing number of free and paid options to help publicize their products iPhone Life magazine, its web site and newsletters, and through other partner sites. 

Who can join the iPhone Life Vendor Network?
The iLVN is open to all companies, who market iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch products and adhere to basic business standards of  ethical conduct.

What is the benefit of joining the iPhone Life Vendor Network?
All  iLVN members will have their own "vendor profile page" on our site. The Vendor profile will list the vendor's company info and website. In addition all iLVN members  will be able to post their press releases at either using a webform or a RSS feed. The latest press releases will show up on our home page, and eventually on many other pages in our upcoming redesign.  iLVN will receive the upcoming Vendor Network newsletter.


iLVN members who link back to or offer a free issue of iPhone Life will enjoy the following additional privileges.

  • The ability to post products and services on their vendors profile. These products and services will be automatically linked to iPhone Life reviews and articles and can also be linked to outside reviews as well. 
  • The ability to directly post videos about their products on their profile and directly on our new upcoming best iPhone Video Blog page
  • Give away products through iPhone Life contests. (This is a great way to get free publicity for the cost of a few products or App codes).
  • For a limited time, all those who sign up will receive a free print and digital subscription to iPhone Life magazine.

We plan to have the iLVN operational in January 2011.

What does it cost to join?

  • Nothing. We only ask that the company CEO or Marketing Manager opt-in to our E-mail mailing list. Those vendors who chose to  link back to by text or iPhone Life icon will enjoy additional iPhone Life iLVN privileges.

How to sign up

What is the difference between Vendor Network Basic and Vendor Network Plus

Everyone who signs up for the Vendor Network can create a profile page with their company information and can post press releases. Upgrading to a Vendor Network Plus account allows you to post products and videos and also allows you to have your products featured in our weekly giveaways.

How do I upgrade to Vendor Network Plus account?

Upgrading is free and only takes a few minutes. All that is required is for you to link back to us on your website and fill out a short survey. You can upgrade from the Vendor Dashboard.

How do I post a Press Release?


  1. Go to the Vendor Dashboard
    1. When you log in you will automatically be taken there.
    2. If you are already logged there is a link on the top right corner of the page
  2. Click “add a press release”
  3. Enter the title, and text
  4. Click save

The press release will  be posted to on the homepage and on It will also be tweeted from our twitter account. Coming soon the press release will also be featured in our Daily Newsletter and on our App.


How are my press releases seen?

Every Vendor Network press release gets posted on our homepage and on They also get tweeted from @iphonelife

How are my products seen?

The products of the Vendor Network plus members are featured on our homepage and on The product is selected at random each time a user visits our homepage.

How can I be featured in your weekly giveaways?

Every week we give away apps and accessories from our Vendor Network Plus members. These popular giveaways are a great way to get free publicity for your product. To be featured in our giveaways, all you have to do is click on the "get featured in contests" link on the vendor dashboard and fill out a short form. 


If you have questions or suggestions, please E-mail the iPhone Life Web Director, David Averbach