Satechi Dual Smart Outlet Review

The catalog of HomeKit-compliant devices continues to expand, and that's a good thing for consumers. More choice means more competition, and more competition means better prices. Case in point, Satechi's HomeKit-enabled Dual Smart Outlet ($59.99). Having recently reviewed a fine but considerably more expensive smart outlet from one of Satechi's competitors, I was curious to see how the Dual Smart Outlet performed.  Read on to find out.

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Setting up the Dual Smart Outlet was a simple as any other HomeKit-compatible device. After plugging the device into an available wall outlet, a quick scan of the HomeKit QR code identified and added it to my home network. Within seconds, it was ready for use in Apple's Home or other HomeKit-aware third-party apps.

Power can be toggled on and off to either of the two power outlets via a HomeKit app or by pressing the physical push button next to the respective outlet. While it's slightly larger than a typical outlet extender, it's significantly smaller than other smart home outlets I have tested. While some of its competitors have three smart outlets, I rarely found use for more than two in a single room. Perhaps there may be a need for more than two HomeKit-capable outlets in a smart kitchen with dumb appliances; but for my needs, two was the perfect match.

Input voltage of 120V and output of 15A at 1800W allows even large appliances like refrigerators or portable air conditioning units to be connected to the outlets. And since it's a smart outlet, additional metrics of electrical usage of the appliances drawing power from the outlet can be analyzed.


  • Easy setup and operation
  • Physical push buttons for each outlet
  • Reasonable size device


  • Two outlets on a single device may be too few for some smart home users

Final Verdict

If your electrical appliance automation needs are basic and few, the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is a good value worthy of your smart money consideration.

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