Review: AirTrio & AirQuad Wireless Charging Dock

I am always on the lookout for the ideal way to charge all of my gear, which is typically made by Apple. The folks at Pitaka may have the answer. Their upcoming AirTrio and AirQuad (starting at $119) is currently a bargain on Kickstarter; and while crowdfunded projects don't always come to fruition, Pitaka is an established manufacturer and I've reviewed its other items before. The company sent me an AirQuad to review, so I can confirm that it's real. And it's really nice.

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AirQuad and AirTrio

Like Pitaka's other products, the AirQuad sports a beautiful design with lots of shiny chrome-plated zinc combined with carbon fiber styling, called "Aramid fiber." It looks like it belongs in a museum, so you'll be proud to display it on your nightstand or desk. But it's more than a pretty face. The AirQuad and AirTrio have three distinct Qi coils to charge your phone without having to worry about exact placement. If you're a loyal Apple customer, you probably have an Apple Watch, so the dock includes a flip-up Apple Watch charger in the center of the dock, and it can lay flat for certain Apple watchbands or flip up at the press of a button on the right side to accommodate closed loop watchbands, like I typically use. This also allows for Nightstand mode.


The AirQuad adds a separate Qi coil for AirPods to the left of the Apple Watch charger. Keep in mind that when the Apple Watch charger is flat, the AirPods charger may be obstructed by your watchband, so you may want to leave the Apple Watch charger flipped up regardless of band type.


Finally, there is a height-adjustable Lightning (or USB-C) port with a flip-up back support so you can charge an iPad or iPhone. There's a jog dial on the right side that raises or lowers the port to accommodate a variety of devices, with or without a case. If you have an iPad Pro, be sure to specify the USB-C version.



  • Beautiful design with chrome and carbon fiber styling
  • Three Qi coils for phone
  • Optional separate Qi coil for AirPods
  • Flip-up Apple Watch charger
  • Height-adjustable Lightning port for iPad or iPhone, with or without a case


  • Deal price only via Kickstarter

  • When Apple Watch charger is flat, the AirPods charger may be obstructed

Final Verdict

The AirQuad from Pitaka may be the perfect charging dock for Apple enthusiasts.

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