New for iOS 12: How to Add a Free Thesaurus to Look Up on Your iPhone & iPad

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I love using a thesaurus when I write, so the fact that this option has been missing from the Look Up feature in Safari has been a sore spot for me. With iOS 12 I'll no longer need a thesaurus app, because we can now add a thesaurus to Look Up on iPhone and iPad for free! Let's get started learning how to add a Thesaurus to Look Up, so we can find a synonym or antonym whenever we need one, and expand our vocabularies. 

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To add a thesaurus to Look Up in iOS 12:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on General.

thesaurus quickuse thesaurus

  • Tap on Dictionary.
  • Make sure that you have the American English thesaurus or the British English one checked.

get synonymthesaurus app

  • Now go to a Safari webpage and tap and hold a word you'd like to look up; tap Look Up on the menu when it appears.
  • When you tap Dictionary, you'll see not only the definition of your word but also a thesaurus section with synonyms.

free dictionaryonline thesaurus

  • Tap the thesaurus section under the definition, and you'll see the full entry, which also includes antonyms.


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